13 February 2011

I'm Back!

Internet is back, hopefully for good this time. But I for one, am not holding my breath. Mom likes to randomly disconnect it if Brother or I aren't fulfilling some insane code of conduct. The fact that I have online school has little impact on her decisions. I hope for your sake, it stays on more permanently.

I'm now in school. I'm taking a course to be trained as a pharmacy technician. I really enjoy it so far, just a lot of memorization. I think I can handle it, though. I'm still unemployed to my dismay. I've been applying all over the place, a few interviews, but nothing. Aw boo to my life.

On a better note, I shut down my no dating rule. I am still on the celibacy thing, for now, but Boyfriend is wonderful. We've been together for about two and half weeks now. He thinks my accent is adorable, and I think he's adorable for thinking so. Boyfriend is two years younger, but he only acts it occasionally. Overall, I'm pretty damn happy.

I'll try to check back in tomorrow. =D