16 April 2013

Where To Start

I'm not even sure where to start. I should probably discuss my six months of heavily drinking. Or maybe the absurd amount of one nights stands. The rape. The girl's  whose life I temporally ruined. Perhaps my family deaths.

I've been such a horrid person and I'm only beginning to become a decent human being again. This is going to majorly suck.

10 April 2013

I Might Be Back...

I lost regular computer access a while back which ended any chance of posting that might have been. I'm going to attempt to post more now that I've gotten a phone fancy enough to allow this.

I refuse to make any sort of promise.

But maybe a quick update?
I'm still single, by choice. I don't want to settle. My Nana died. My car died. New car. Brother died. Cat ran away. New job.