25 January 2011

I Suck

I am so sorry I haven't posted in like, two weeks. It's not my fault, I promise. I have been internet-less and suffering from blogger withdrawal. It's getting pretty intense, I've had to distract myself with outside sources. Like boys. =] But I'll save that story for when this arrangement becomes more permanent. I hope you guys have been well and I hope to have full access soon enough to start posting regularly again!

Much love, Jess.

10 January 2011


As promised, here is a list of the written rules and books up for the giveaway.

Five votes per person
If you win more than one book, you chose one to keep
Promise to giveaway the book on your blog when you're done
Contest ends when I have 30 followers

The Metamorphosis & Other Stories  Franz Kafka
A Separate Peace  John Knowles

Rhymes With Witches  Lauren Myracle

Lovely Bones  Alice Sebold

Longitude Dava Sobel

Smashed  Koren Zailckas

There you go! Now chose where you want your five votes and try to get the word of my blog out there to get the follower count up so this giveaway doesn't last forever!

It's Something New!

Here's something a little different... Don't make fun of me too bad. And yeah, the sound and video quality aren't all that great. Sorry.

Yeah, sorry for putting you through that! But here are the Puppy pictures I promised. =D

09 January 2011


I'm watching your name up on the screen. Celebrity, she means everything to me. I want to hear her voice aloud, I want to her voice.

Sorry, that song is stuck in my head. It's Feel Like Fame by Four Letter Lie. It's pretty awesome and I love it. That song has been fitting my mood lately. But on to better topics.... I made the world's greatest steak tonight, so tender it practically melted. It rocked.

I promise I'll post pictures tomorrow of my new hair. I haven't done anything to style it and I look a mess. You'd all run for the hills if you I showed you what I look like right now. I'm deciding it's in your best interest to wait until tomorrow. I promise it'll be awesome.

I'm hitting such writer's block right now. Boy finally texted me, so I'm dealing with him for now. I'm hoping my head won't start spinning once I lay down again. Ugh.

Bittersweet, But Mostly Bitter

Today started off like I was still in Salem. Dazed, slightly confused, and hoping I didn't make an ass of myself the night before. Last night I was drinking with Boy via webcam. Only one mixed drink but I was convinced to take a shot of the only booze I had, vodka. Oh vodka, we have such a love hate relationship. I did some inappropriate things involving my birthday suit and started an argument I soon regretted. I hung up on Boy only to try to text him minutes later. We haven't spoken since.

Oops. I think I'm in trouble.

Despite my sad attempts at talking to the one person I care about in any romantic way, it was a pretty decent day. I slept until noon, probably because of said booze, and watched childish movies while drinking coffee with the Family. I shaved Brother's head, doing an awesome job I might add, and we left for shopping. Mom and I got our hair done. I have bangs now, pictures will be posted soon. Chinese buffets are always fun and we picked up a Christmas tree at KMart. While at the store, a gentleman was giving out raffle tickets for a Swartz, I think it's called, crystal necklace valued at 120$ which I won. Huge happy face. We ended up buying more jewelry from him because of his sheer awesomeness. From there we ventured to Nana's where we gave her the necklace and stayed for just about an eternity.

It's now almost 2am and we've been home for about twenty minutes. I'm pretty tired and slightly annoyed at Boy. Facebook proves his phone is working, he might want to stop ignoring my texts. Sigh. Goodnight blogging world, I'll see you tomorrow.

07 January 2011

You're Mine

I was told not to write this post. So obviously, I'm writing this post. My Mister Cutie Boy, while loving the fact that I wrote about him in the first place, he tried telling me I couldn't write about him again. So I'm breaking his rules and writing again!

For the newcomers, I recently moved from Cape Cod to this little North Carolina country town. During high school I didn't talk to people much and I aways dated boys outside of my school. I figured it'd saved a little drama, it didn't. But that's another story. Anyway, because of this I never cared much about my appearance. Yeah, some days I'd dress up but I had a habit of wearing over sized hoodies to school and refusing to show any sort of a figure. I never figured any one in my high school had any sort of interest in me, no one showed it at least. About a month ago, that changed.

I started talking to Boy and he told me he had a crush on me since my junior year, his sophomore. I was quite surprised, seeing as we weren't exactly in the same social circles and he was the hottest guy in school. I'm talking drop dead gorgeous. Hot enough to make you want to rape him the second he was within your eyesight. I'm not exactly the cutest one in the bunch, I honestly thought he was joking at first. But we began talking almost everyday. First by Facebook, then by text when I finally agreed to give him my number. Now, we have almost daily Skype dates. I have to admit, it's pretty great.

This Is Going to Be Pretty Gross...

I have no water. There is no water in my house. I cannot do any water related activites. This includes everything from cooking to pooping.

Here's what happened. We lost power last night. The whole street was down. Now, I don't know what happened. Either a transformer died or some jackass hit a telephone pole. Regardless of what happened, I lost power. Me losing power means the pump to my well doesn't work. And when you're well pump doesn't work, well you're shit out of luck when it comes to wanting water.

So I woke up this morning, stretched, itched the appropriate body part, and went into the bathroom for my morning pee. Apparently I ate too much last night because I also needed to poop, so I did. I went to flush. Oh no! The toilet won't flush! So there's my poo, just chilling out in the bowl, smirking at how cool it is for beating the system. You disgust me, you insignificant poo. I attempt to wash my hands, but alas, no water there either.

05 January 2011

The Various Sides of Me

These are my various names wth definitions. Enjoy.

An extremely common female name.
A very interesting person whose intelligence is matched by grace. She would be something any man would hope to have in his arms.
The short sexy type. Always on alert. A force only to be reckoned with if you understand her heart. The best friend anyone can possibly have. With curves like a dirt road on a drunk night. Very probable to be the most intriguing person you've ever met. Irresistable to the point of addiction. Any man who comes in contact will quiver, and have no self control to turn the other way. Can stop a heart from beating, and bring the beat back with only her smile. The best wife any man could ever desire. Perfect in every way.

04 January 2011

I Left My House

Seriously, I left my house today. I got up, showered, and got all dolled up. I looked adorable, but my heels gave my baby toe a blister and I probably shouldn't have popped it. Ugh. I drove into Jacksonville for a job interview this afternoon, and fingers crossed! I seriously need this job like no tomorrow. I bought myself new clothes with my Christmas money and I feel like such a lady. Except you probably don't see a girl in wedge heels and dressy clothes with a black hanging out her mouth very often. What can I say, I'm a different brand of girl.

While I was out, I ran into a cute boy I had met the other day. We spoke very quickly because he was working and I was running out the door. I didn't shamelessly flirt. Progress! I mention this mainly because of my New Year's Resolutions. These are going to sound crazy to most but I'm going to try to stick to them.

01 January 2011

Imma Silly Girl

So I am going to keep this short and to the point because I don't feel too well and all I want to do is sleep the night away. Yeah I know, me in bed before midnight? Weird.

SO - I like this boy who is pretty much the epitome of gorgeous and he likes me back. We get along and want to jump each other's bones more than necessary. Ready for the down side because with me, there always is one. He's from my hometown. OF COURSE. We went to high school together and we recently started talking and I realized he's pretty much awesome. And I want him. But I can't have him. Because he's five states away. BAWLS. I have stupid awful luck. Oh well. I'll get over it eventually.

I hope everyone had an awesome New Years and kept it safe. Let's keep this up for the rest of the year and see where it takes us!