09 January 2011


I'm watching your name up on the screen. Celebrity, she means everything to me. I want to hear her voice aloud, I want to her voice.

Sorry, that song is stuck in my head. It's Feel Like Fame by Four Letter Lie. It's pretty awesome and I love it. That song has been fitting my mood lately. But on to better topics.... I made the world's greatest steak tonight, so tender it practically melted. It rocked.

I promise I'll post pictures tomorrow of my new hair. I haven't done anything to style it and I look a mess. You'd all run for the hills if you I showed you what I look like right now. I'm deciding it's in your best interest to wait until tomorrow. I promise it'll be awesome.

I'm hitting such writer's block right now. Boy finally texted me, so I'm dealing with him for now. I'm hoping my head won't start spinning once I lay down again. Ugh.

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Writing Junkie said...

All writers hit a writers block at some point.Just go people watching or read soem other stuff to get some inspiration or do some creative writing excersises.

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it might help you with your writers block. ^_^