10 January 2011


As promised, here is a list of the written rules and books up for the giveaway.

Five votes per person
If you win more than one book, you chose one to keep
Promise to giveaway the book on your blog when you're done
Contest ends when I have 30 followers

The Metamorphosis & Other Stories  Franz Kafka
A Separate Peace  John Knowles

Rhymes With Witches  Lauren Myracle

Lovely Bones  Alice Sebold

Longitude Dava Sobel

Smashed  Koren Zailckas

There you go! Now chose where you want your five votes and try to get the word of my blog out there to get the follower count up so this giveaway doesn't last forever!


Mr. Gargus said...

hmm.......I'm not sure. which one did you like best?

Jess said...

Depends on my mood usually, but I love my man Kafka. I went through a big existentialism phase when I was in high school. Rhymes with Witches being second, but that's pretty girly. :p

Mr. Gargus said...

K, I pick The Metamorphosis and Other Stories.

Jess said...

For all five votes?! You can pick more than one book. =]

Mr. Gargus said...

I guess so. I don't know anything about any of those books.

Diego said...

put me down for two on Kafka and two on A Separate Peace and one on the girly witch book (purely off your recommendation)