05 January 2011

The Various Sides of Me

These are my various names wth definitions. Enjoy.

An extremely common female name.
A very interesting person whose intelligence is matched by grace. She would be something any man would hope to have in his arms.
The short sexy type. Always on alert. A force only to be reckoned with if you understand her heart. The best friend anyone can possibly have. With curves like a dirt road on a drunk night. Very probable to be the most intriguing person you've ever met. Irresistable to the point of addiction. Any man who comes in contact will quiver, and have no self control to turn the other way. Can stop a heart from beating, and bring the beat back with only her smile. The best wife any man could ever desire. Perfect in every way.
an extremely beautiful girl who is the nicest, funniest, and all around most awesome person ever
To look Amish with a cool beard.
For one who doesn't look like a Jessica
a great subculture and ledgend on the verge on ruin due to the popular mainstream phenomon known as 'Twilight'
A woman that doesn't give a flying fuck anymore and that can and will be cruel to men.
Endearing term used to personify the vagina rather than use more direct terms such as pussy or hole so as not to embarass your sexual partner
term used by boys and girls regardless, to distinguish a girl you love to death
Homewrecking Slut
Someone who breaks up relationships that were otherwise stable
crystalized methamphetamine, smokable
the much more scene way to spell dinosaur



Annah said...

I like "Jessie"

So glad the favicon worked! Looks great.

Jess said...

Thanks Annah!