07 January 2011

You're Mine

I was told not to write this post. So obviously, I'm writing this post. My Mister Cutie Boy, while loving the fact that I wrote about him in the first place, he tried telling me I couldn't write about him again. So I'm breaking his rules and writing again!

For the newcomers, I recently moved from Cape Cod to this little North Carolina country town. During high school I didn't talk to people much and I aways dated boys outside of my school. I figured it'd saved a little drama, it didn't. But that's another story. Anyway, because of this I never cared much about my appearance. Yeah, some days I'd dress up but I had a habit of wearing over sized hoodies to school and refusing to show any sort of a figure. I never figured any one in my high school had any sort of interest in me, no one showed it at least. About a month ago, that changed.

I started talking to Boy and he told me he had a crush on me since my junior year, his sophomore. I was quite surprised, seeing as we weren't exactly in the same social circles and he was the hottest guy in school. I'm talking drop dead gorgeous. Hot enough to make you want to rape him the second he was within your eyesight. I'm not exactly the cutest one in the bunch, I honestly thought he was joking at first. But we began talking almost everyday. First by Facebook, then by text when I finally agreed to give him my number. Now, we have almost daily Skype dates. I have to admit, it's pretty great.

Since getting to know him a lot better, I've realized Boy is a huge sweetheart. It started with cute "You're beautiful"s and turned into paragraphs about why he likes me. I'm going to share one now, risking complete griping about posting his adorableness online. This was not edited in anyway, so please bear with the gramatical errors and just let your heart melt.
i like youur eyes, the way you look at me thru your webcam makes me warm inside =) i wish i would wake up next to you in the morning and kiss your cute lips. Your body is outragiously sexy =) i want to kiss it and touch you all over.. i wish i could just lay in bed with you and put my fingers thu your hair and stare into your eyes all day =) i love how understand you are and how much we have in common. you have just thr right combination of naughty and nice =) i wish more people in the world could be more like you.. your one of a kind 

I wish I could say all this and more to him, but I'm not great with coming up with things other than the norml cliche shit. I want to to be better. I want to find a way to tell him that just his name makes me smile and seeing his makes mine bigger. I swear, Boy has the cutest dimples. I have smiled for a day straight simply going over everything we said to each other during our nightly Skype dates. He makes me laugh more than normal and understands my jokes, even the horribly twisted ones. He's completely understanding about my weird quirks when it comes to the bedroom. I know mine are weird, I may get into that in another post, and his are equally weird so it kind of fits. Most nights I go to bed dreaming about Boy. About him being in bed next to me, cuddling the night away, kissing me sweetly, even being complete fools because any great relationship requires goofiness. I love seeing his name show up on my phone or computer knowing he wants to talk to me, too.

Last night, in a moment of wicked silliness, we decided that we were each others. Boy is mine forever and I am his forever. Now the forever part is a little blurry, like anything, but it still sounds nice so please let me delude mysef dear followers. As of this moment, all I want is him and he says that's all he wants as well. So regardless of the five states between us, I'm letting myself indulge in my madess. Boy, you're mine and hopefully we'll end up together eventually just like you hope.



Mr. Gargus said...

Now don't get mad at me for saying this, because you might need to take this into consideration. Take note that I am not implying anything about him in any way. Just sharing my knowledge of guys, seeing as I am one. Here it is: There is a reason those things are cliche. Because the popular guys in high school tend to use those cliche lines to get into a girls pants. Which unfortunately, usually works. Like I said. I'm not implying anything about him, because from what I'm seeing on here, he is for real. Just know, it is usually a good idea to ask another guy if a guy is being sincere or not. I believe he is. I can tell because he is putting that much effort into a relationship that is long distance. Plus, he is out of high school anyways, so he has probably matured quite a bit.

Anyways, yeah, just thought I'd mention that.

(I posted this comment, but then deleted it and reposted it, because I forgot to check the email follow-up box.)

Jess said...

Believe me, I never really take a guy's words at face value. I'm tooused to men lying to me that I always think they're being untrue. I think I'm the one with the problems trying to not to be cliche. I'm kind of lame like that.