04 January 2011

I Left My House

Seriously, I left my house today. I got up, showered, and got all dolled up. I looked adorable, but my heels gave my baby toe a blister and I probably shouldn't have popped it. Ugh. I drove into Jacksonville for a job interview this afternoon, and fingers crossed! I seriously need this job like no tomorrow. I bought myself new clothes with my Christmas money and I feel like such a lady. Except you probably don't see a girl in wedge heels and dressy clothes with a black hanging out her mouth very often. What can I say, I'm a different brand of girl.

While I was out, I ran into a cute boy I had met the other day. We spoke very quickly because he was working and I was running out the door. I didn't shamelessly flirt. Progress! I mention this mainly because of my New Year's Resolutions. These are going to sound crazy to most but I'm going to try to stick to them.

Jess' Resolutions:

No dating. Yes, I'm staying single. As of now, there is no time limit but I might end it before a year. I'm going for six months at least and then we'll see from there.

Celibacy. Fuck you, I can to stay celibate! So many people laughed at me since I said I wanted to remain celibate. Considering the only person I'm interested in lives five states away, this might be easier than you think. I don't go out much either.

Lose weight. I've been doing good so far. I've been walking everyday and biking every other day. I'm also cutting down on my junk food intake.

So we'll see what happens!


Mr. Gargus said...

Celibacy? Why would you want to do that? Sex is fun. Wait. I guess I wouldn't know.

Jess said...

Yes, sex is more fun than you can imagine. But I'm sticking to my gums. Plus, as I said, the only person I'm interested in still lives in Massachusetts. And I barely ever leave my house. I think I'm safe.

julie said...

i endorse celibacy under one condition only: MASTURBATE!! there's no reason self-love should be excluded under celibacy; unless, of course, you are sarah palin (though even i'm sure she guiltily wanks)!! it'll probably improve your odds of success too and give you the opportunity to explore what you like and want out of sex and your sexuality. the added bonus is you'll glow, feel more positive and confident! i'm pretty sure it's good for your heart as well lol.