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Hai, I'm Jess.

I'm twenty six, female, hail from Cape Cod, born in the town of Pilgrims, listen to music constantly, and watch movies religiously. Certain songs make me hate my life, while others make me rejoice. I most likely hate you, and easily give my heart to those close to me. I love random car rides with no clear destination, just open roads and sing alongs. I wish I was a dolphin, a vampire, a dinosawr, and a human being. I'm just waiting to see which happens first, but it looks like I'm heading towards drunk. I hate looking at the same face in the mirror, so I change my look constantly. I cannot be easily satisfied and I'm constantly second guessing myself. Lavender scented roses would be the ultimate flower. I have an odd obsession with Michael Jackson and randomly quote his songs and state facts about his life. I dig the gay rights life and love going drag for an outing. Rain is the remedy to any sadness. Salt water runs through my veins, making me miss the ocean like a limb. I'm on a mission for happiness, and I think I'm doing a rather good job.

I blog about my life. I don't have a filter and every post I do is true and from the messed up place that is my brain. I write about sex, love, work, family, misery, happiness, and kittens. I live to contradict myself, which is self evident.

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