31 March 2011

Vlog 2

Here's another awful video with poor sound quality. =D

Erszebet Bathory


Date of Birth: August 7, 1560
Date of Death: August 21, 1614
MO: Torture, Murder
Victim Count: 650+
Nicknames: The Blood Countess, The Bloody Lady of Cachtice, The Blood Queen, Countess Dracula

Erszebet, also known as Elizabeth, was born into nobility and spent most her childhood at Esced Castle, which was in Hungary. She married just a few months shy of her fifteenth birthday and had six children, two of whom died. The marriage lasted 29 years, her husband dying at war. Erszebet had been in charge of the estate while her husband had been gone, providing for the pheasants in the villages surrounding her estate. She was educated in four languages and taught the village women, she also intervened when their husbands were captured and for a woman whose daughter was raped and impregnanted.

30 March 2011

Albert Fish

Date of Birth: May 19, 1870
Date of Death: January 16, 1936
MO: Child Rape, Cannibalism
Victim Count: 4+
Nicknames: The Gray Man, The Werewolf of Wysteria, The Brooklyn Vampire, The Boogey Man

Early on in his childhood, Albert was sent to leave in an orphanage. His father dead, his mother working, one brother in a mental institution, another dead, and sister with a mental illness, he had no one to care for him. In this orphanage, it was common that the boys would all be stripped naked and beaten in front of each other. Albert began to enjoy the pain and would get erections during the beatings, for which he was rediculed. Albert's mother reclaimed him after five years when he was twelve and he started a relationship with a telegraph boy who introduced him to uncommen practices, such as drinking urine and eating poo. By age 20, he moved to New York City where he became a prostitute and began raping young boys. Eight years later, his mother arranged a marriage to a woman nine years younger than him and they had six children.

29 March 2011

Hannibal Lecter

Date of Birth: January 20, 1933 
Date of Death: ?
MO: Torture, Cannibalism
Victim Count: 29+
Nicknames: Hannibal the Cannibal

Hannibal Lecter is the fictional character from four book turned movies: Hannibal Rising; Red Dragon; Silence of the Lambs; and Hannibal. The character was based in part on real life serial killer, Albert Fish. Though his childhood was borrowed from Andrei Chikatilo, reported serial killer and cannibal, whose brother was kidnapped and eaten.

Hannibal was born in Lithuania to nobility. When World War II struck, his parents were killed and his younger sister was eaten by starving men keeping the children captive. For the next eight years, Hannibal lived in an orphanage that was housed in his family's former home. He escaped and went to France in search of his uncle and aunt but discovered his uncle had died the prior year. His Japanese aunt cared for him and covered for him after his first murder. From there he went to medical school in Paris where he worked studying and preparing bodies. From there, Hannibal killed off all the men that had eaten his sister, eating a few cheeks along the way.

28 March 2011

Serial Killers

I'm spoiling you guys. Two posts in one day? Yes, you are just that awesome. And why am I writting another post today? Because this wonderful blogger is a freak and loves serial killers.

Wait... Are you serious? You're obsessed with serial killers?! I find them incredibly fascinating. I mean, how could you just go around killing random people? How cold do you have to be to actually do something like that? In some sick way, I can understand crime of passion. You know, killing someone in a fight because it just got wicked heated. That, yeah it's still wrong, but I can kind of understand it. But massive amounts of murders because you just like killing? That's fucked up. My mind simply cannot wrap itself around how a human being could do that.


Here's my song. It sucks I know, so be kind. Also, I know it's really weird but this is written in the male prospective to be sung for a girl. I have no clue why I switched genders but that's what happened. I don't have a rhythm for it just yet, I plan on working on that in the coming weeks. So enjoy my lyrics!

"For Keeps"

I'm knocking on your door tonight
It's 2am, you won't leave my thoughts
You're haunting my dreams with your memory
I smell you all around, keep hearing your laugh
I'm knocking on your door for some relief

I walk through this deserted neighborhood
Lost in my own fantasies of us together
Each new home is a new reality
I want each part of your to keep
Because sweetheart, I play for keeps

27 March 2011

Miserable Miserable.

It's raining again. It's been rainy for the past few days on and off and it's making everything so cold. It was in the high 80's just last week and I miss it. I normally love the rain, but this is just cold and miserable. I need a little sunshine to brighten up life. I've been a little sad lately, I didn't get the job I wanted. Poo.

I think I'm going to edit a poem and post it later tonight. <3

24 March 2011

My Zombie Dream

A few weeks ago I had a very strange dream. None of it made sense, the only thing I was concerned with was the zombie apocalypse it obviously predicted. I'm now sharing it with you so you'll know how to protect yourself.

I was attending a cookout at my house in the middle of Suburbia with my college friends, Mal and Laura. Mac and Dennis from Always Sunny just arrived and we needed more food before Dee and Charlie got there. So Laura, Mal, and myself left the cookout to go to the store. We got side tracked and ended up in the parking lot between Papa Gino's and Sports World and realized we need to catch the P&B bus if we were ever going to get to Salem. Just as the bus was pulling away, we remembered Laura had her car. We took the bikes that mysteriously appeared at our sides and returned back home to get the car.

Back at the house, the three of us hop in the car and drive to our high school ten minutes away, regardless of the fact none of us met until college. We sneak through a door in the loading dock and start walking away. We had the plan of causing mischief as a slightly sad prank on our most hated teachers. Halfway down the hall, someone runs in Laura and both of them fall to the ground. Mal and I help them both to their feet and we get a good look at this stranger. It was boy, who was all cut up and had blood all over. He started screaming like a crazy person. He kept repeating, "They're everywhere...Everywhere." Mal shook him and demanded who he was talking about. He pointed to the end of the hall and said "Zombies". At that moment, one began limping around the corner.

22 March 2011


So as promised, this is a spoken word I did that reads like a letter. Also keep in mind it's not finished, so it kind of cuts off at a random spot. It's a work in progress.
Life is funny sometimes. Moments pass each other but never meet. I've wished many times in my life that I was more impulsive, that I could act instead of simply thinking. I always had a thing for you, I'm pretty sure I told you about a thousand times. From the moment I met you, I knew there had to be a place in my life for you. Or at least I was going to make one. The more I've gotten to know you, the more I wanted that part to be bigger. I wanted you to be more than just a friend. You're the person who reminds me the most of home. The cute, adorable, fun part of Cape Cod. All vacation and beaches. When I think of you, I see beaches and playgrounds. And for some reason, dino nuggets. Maybe I just want to see my chicken beat up your veggie nuggets. Shows are also a big part of it, but then again that's how I met you. I went through so much effort to see you before I left. I drove an hour to hang out, when to shows just to stand in the crowd and see you play. My car broke trying to see you.

Writer's Edge

Well tomorrow's the big day. I have both my job shadow at my professor's pharmacy and the compound lab during class. It should be a very busy and exciting day. I'm actually looking forward to it a lot. Wednesday or Thursday I should hear about the pharmacy tech job I interviewed for last Thursday. I really want to be offered the position. I need a job pretty desperately.

I'm still working on my writing, I kind of wrote a song. It's not very good right now, but I'm working on it and I hope it'll at least make sense. If I could just get a beat down, I think it'll be a whole lot easier. I'm just completely spacing on how I want it to sound. I might post it once I think it sounds right. I promise to at least post a poem once I get the wording right. I plan on working on or adding to a spoken word I was writing over the weekend. It's written kind of like a letter to someone I know from back on Cape Cod. I'll post what I have so far tomorrow night when I get home from class, whether it's finished or not. I promise.

20 March 2011

My Mind's Buzzing

Well it's almost midnight and I can't sleep so I'm obviously blogging. There's way too much on my mind for me to actually sleep, though I haven't been getting much of that lately. All my dreams are filled with that alternate reality I've cooked up for myself. It certainly beats my life at the moment.

But here's what's currently on my mind:
Cape Cod
My friends back in Mass
Hearing about my new job
Job shadow Tuesday
Class Tuesday
Five to fifty songs playing in my head
Losing weight
Am I cute enough for Southern boys?
Crush from home
Crush from class

If I managed to narrow that down to one topic, I'll have a more enjoyable post.

17 March 2011

Loving You

Today was a great day. I had a job interview for the coolest pharm tech job ever and now I'm basking in the glow of being wicked happy with life. This is going to be a short, short post but just know I love you.

16 March 2011

You Sir, Are a Whore

I started writing again. When I was younger, I was a hardcore poet. I could whip out a poem a day, sometimes more, and the majority of them were actually wicked good. When I was dating the infamous bastard of all exes, I stopped. All he and his group of friends did was make fun of the emo kids and egg them on in the suicidal process. Well see, my poems were on the depressing side about 75% of the time. It was the way I worked things out. Things always seemed better when I could write down what was bothering me. But since all I heard everyday was comments about how those type of people might as well kill themselves, I stopped. I just couldn't write anything when I knew the person I loved most would just laugh if he were to ever find my notebook. I have had one or two writing periods in the last two years, but it never really lasted. I really hope this one does.

I've started back up all over the board. I have a few structured, rhymed poems, and then my favorite free verse ones. But then I have a spoken word. It's about the ex, I figured that would be a good place to start. I wrote about how I hate him for ruining me. How I'm emotionally and psychologically fucked to the point I can't have a decent relationship. I honestly blame him for the way I have turned out. He was such a whore after we broke up. He slept with half the girls he met along with stringing me along on the side. It kind of sucked hardcore. And it messed me up, I'm the first to admit it.

If I get something toegther enough, I may share it with you. Until then, so long my loves.

15 March 2011


I have been neck deep in drugs for the past two months and I'm going a little crazy. By drugs, I mean information about drugs. I'm now in Week 8 of my pharmacy technician course and I'm not sure how much more knowledge can fit into my head. It's probably a good thing I can't afford the bartending class right now. I'd start listing crazy impossible generic drug names instead of alcohol brands. So next time you go to your local pharmacy, give your lovely pharm tech a break. They're trying their best to remember every little drug name.

13 March 2011

My Dirty Little Secret

I'm posting for the second day in a row. It's a fucking miracle. I've decided to post in secret every time Mom goes to work. You, my loyal followers, will be my dirty little secret. I hope that gives you a sort of sick thrill, I know I have chills thinking about it.

Hve you ever been someone's secret? Or had a secret someone of your own? Let me tell you, it adds that extra spice of something being so wrong it's delicious. Having your heart beat faster because you know you need to watch your surroundings, just in case someone overhears. My dirty little secret, well honestly it wasn't all that secret, everyone knew. Except for one, one of my best friends. See, she had liked the same boy I had, so I lied about it. Especially since she had already slept with him and of course I didn't have plans that very night to make out in my dorm room. It felt so naughty to have to fudge my numbers with her. She thought we were tied with the number of sexual partners we each had, but I was ahead by one. She couldn't know about the late night parties and the following drunken sex everyone could hear. The later threesome that still has myself and the friend involved laughing.

So I encourage all of you to have a secret someone of your own. Add some excitement to your lives.

12 March 2011

Love Hate Relationship

I'm seriously having a massive love hate relationship with my internet service as of late. I can perhaps get on for five minutes a week, and that's consumed with school work. So as a result, my blog is epically suffering. I've posted once in the last month and I hate that. It's awful, I should be banned from the world of blogging for my horrible follow through. Or just kick Brother in the face for ruining the internet in the first place. Doesn't he know I have important things to do that require the usages of the magnificant interwebs?! Gosh.

Well last check in, I believe I had a boyfriend that I was saving the next post to spill about. Sorry folks, he's no longer in the picture. Along with the internet, I also have a love hate relationship with relationships. I'm horrible at commitment. The minute they go good, I ruin them. It's a sad but true fact about me and I'm generally the first to admit it. Granted he dumped me, but I didn't fight too hard for it. He wasn't exactly worth it in my mind anyways. Who needs a younger man, I think all the cougars have it wrong. They're simply more immature and more likely to run at the first sign of conflict. He was kind of a huge douche. I also lost my only friend in the area during this breakup. She took his side and started treating me like shit, honestly who needs that. I certainly don't.