13 March 2011

My Dirty Little Secret

I'm posting for the second day in a row. It's a fucking miracle. I've decided to post in secret every time Mom goes to work. You, my loyal followers, will be my dirty little secret. I hope that gives you a sort of sick thrill, I know I have chills thinking about it.

Hve you ever been someone's secret? Or had a secret someone of your own? Let me tell you, it adds that extra spice of something being so wrong it's delicious. Having your heart beat faster because you know you need to watch your surroundings, just in case someone overhears. My dirty little secret, well honestly it wasn't all that secret, everyone knew. Except for one, one of my best friends. See, she had liked the same boy I had, so I lied about it. Especially since she had already slept with him and of course I didn't have plans that very night to make out in my dorm room. It felt so naughty to have to fudge my numbers with her. She thought we were tied with the number of sexual partners we each had, but I was ahead by one. She couldn't know about the late night parties and the following drunken sex everyone could hear. The later threesome that still has myself and the friend involved laughing.

So I encourage all of you to have a secret someone of your own. Add some excitement to your lives.


Mr. Gargus said...

ahahahahahaha niiiiiice. A secret someone isn't gonna work out for me at this point though lol

Jess said...

Well this was also last year. I don't know many people to really have another secret. :p