24 March 2011

My Zombie Dream

A few weeks ago I had a very strange dream. None of it made sense, the only thing I was concerned with was the zombie apocalypse it obviously predicted. I'm now sharing it with you so you'll know how to protect yourself.

I was attending a cookout at my house in the middle of Suburbia with my college friends, Mal and Laura. Mac and Dennis from Always Sunny just arrived and we needed more food before Dee and Charlie got there. So Laura, Mal, and myself left the cookout to go to the store. We got side tracked and ended up in the parking lot between Papa Gino's and Sports World and realized we need to catch the P&B bus if we were ever going to get to Salem. Just as the bus was pulling away, we remembered Laura had her car. We took the bikes that mysteriously appeared at our sides and returned back home to get the car.

Back at the house, the three of us hop in the car and drive to our high school ten minutes away, regardless of the fact none of us met until college. We sneak through a door in the loading dock and start walking away. We had the plan of causing mischief as a slightly sad prank on our most hated teachers. Halfway down the hall, someone runs in Laura and both of them fall to the ground. Mal and I help them both to their feet and we get a good look at this stranger. It was boy, who was all cut up and had blood all over. He started screaming like a crazy person. He kept repeating, "They're everywhere...Everywhere." Mal shook him and demanded who he was talking about. He pointed to the end of the hall and said "Zombies". At that moment, one began limping around the corner.

We ran. The four of us ran for our lives. The boy fell but us girls didn't stop. I looked back to see a zombie ripping his arm off and gnawing on it like a starved dog would. I screamed, I had never saw anything so terrifying. I ran faster grabbing both Laura and Mal's arms dragging them faster. We go through one door, than another, climbing stairs just to go through another. Somehow we end up on the roof and thankfully the school is built into a hill so part of the roof is near enough the ground to jump. Mal and Laura are crying and just sitting on the ground holding each other. I scream "We have to go!" and jump to the pavement. I look back and they're still hysterical and not moving. I climb back onto the roof just as zombies burst through the door and grab my best friends. A few seconds later blood and limbs are flying. I scream horribly. I quickly get my wits back and jump back to the pavement and run. I don't look back until I can't see the school any longer.

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