12 March 2011

Love Hate Relationship

I'm seriously having a massive love hate relationship with my internet service as of late. I can perhaps get on for five minutes a week, and that's consumed with school work. So as a result, my blog is epically suffering. I've posted once in the last month and I hate that. It's awful, I should be banned from the world of blogging for my horrible follow through. Or just kick Brother in the face for ruining the internet in the first place. Doesn't he know I have important things to do that require the usages of the magnificant interwebs?! Gosh.

Well last check in, I believe I had a boyfriend that I was saving the next post to spill about. Sorry folks, he's no longer in the picture. Along with the internet, I also have a love hate relationship with relationships. I'm horrible at commitment. The minute they go good, I ruin them. It's a sad but true fact about me and I'm generally the first to admit it. Granted he dumped me, but I didn't fight too hard for it. He wasn't exactly worth it in my mind anyways. Who needs a younger man, I think all the cougars have it wrong. They're simply more immature and more likely to run at the first sign of conflict. He was kind of a huge douche. I also lost my only friend in the area during this breakup. She took his side and started treating me like shit, honestly who needs that. I certainly don't.

The last love hate relationship I'll mention today is my beloved, yet cursed homeland. I've been missing Cape Cod more and more lately and have been considering moving back this year. I know I'll never actually follow through because it's a whole helluva lot cheaper here and the Cape is dead half the year. I mostly just miss my friends and having no friends here makes you pretty damn lonely. I recently started talking to a Cape-side friend again and he just reminds me of Cape Cod and beaches more than anything. We only met a few months before I moved but he became my biff and I have major biffle love for that boy. I may go visit Cape sometime in the near future, but I don't think I could ever convince myself it's a smart move to make it my home again. Perhaps I'll just consider it the vacation land like the rest of the normal world.

Speaking of my biffle, you should deff check out his band. They're adorable and I love every single song they have put out thus far, so please Youtube the shit out of them and if asked tell them Jess sent you.

My biff Seth from Seth&Zakk. <3


Mr. Gargus said...

Whats a biff? And the music sounds good!

Jess said...

Biff is short for Biffle. It's a really close friend.

And that's awesome you like the music. I think it's absolutely adorable.

Mr. Gargus said...

Do they have any CD's out?

Jess said...

I believe it's called Snakk Pakk. It's available somewhere for download.

You could directly ask Seth yourself if you have a Facebook. He's super nice, I promise. Just tell him I sent you to give me extra brownie points. =]
Seth Simonelli