22 March 2011

Writer's Edge

Well tomorrow's the big day. I have both my job shadow at my professor's pharmacy and the compound lab during class. It should be a very busy and exciting day. I'm actually looking forward to it a lot. Wednesday or Thursday I should hear about the pharmacy tech job I interviewed for last Thursday. I really want to be offered the position. I need a job pretty desperately.

I'm still working on my writing, I kind of wrote a song. It's not very good right now, but I'm working on it and I hope it'll at least make sense. If I could just get a beat down, I think it'll be a whole lot easier. I'm just completely spacing on how I want it to sound. I might post it once I think it sounds right. I promise to at least post a poem once I get the wording right. I plan on working on or adding to a spoken word I was writing over the weekend. It's written kind of like a letter to someone I know from back on Cape Cod. I'll post what I have so far tomorrow night when I get home from class, whether it's finished or not. I promise.

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