30 March 2011

Albert Fish

Date of Birth: May 19, 1870
Date of Death: January 16, 1936
MO: Child Rape, Cannibalism
Victim Count: 4+
Nicknames: The Gray Man, The Werewolf of Wysteria, The Brooklyn Vampire, The Boogey Man

Early on in his childhood, Albert was sent to leave in an orphanage. His father dead, his mother working, one brother in a mental institution, another dead, and sister with a mental illness, he had no one to care for him. In this orphanage, it was common that the boys would all be stripped naked and beaten in front of each other. Albert began to enjoy the pain and would get erections during the beatings, for which he was rediculed. Albert's mother reclaimed him after five years when he was twelve and he started a relationship with a telegraph boy who introduced him to uncommen practices, such as drinking urine and eating poo. By age 20, he moved to New York City where he became a prostitute and began raping young boys. Eight years later, his mother arranged a marriage to a woman nine years younger than him and they had six children.

He continued molesting boys, mostly under six, during his marriage. Albert had a twisting obsession with castration and attempted to castrate a mentally handicapped man while tied up, with whom he had a relationship. Though the man yelled, which scared Albert who fled after leaving 10$. He loved brothels, where he could be beaten, and he frequented them quite often. But that was cut short when he was arrested for embezzlement and sent to Sing Sing in 1903. His wife left him in 1917, leaving him with all the children. This is when he began hearing voices and starting self-mutilating. Albert would embed needles into his groin, sometimes so far they couldn't be removed. Later x-rays showed at least 29 needles still in place. He also had a habit of hitting himself with a nail-studded paddle.

His first attack on a young boy may have been in 1910. Albert perferred black or mentally handicapped children because he believed they wouldn't be missed. In 1928, he kidnapped Grace Budd on the pretense of bringing her to a birthday party for his sister, he was 58 at the time. Six years later, Albert sent a letter to her parents describing how he killed her and how good she tasted. He was later linked to the 1927 disappearance of Billy Gaffney after his confession of the murder and cannibalism. His stepdaughter described a game Albert had taught her and her siblings that involved masochism and child molestation during his trial in 1930. He was given the death penalty and was executed in 1936 by electric chair.

Altogether, there are four known victims and three suspected.

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