22 March 2011


So as promised, this is a spoken word I did that reads like a letter. Also keep in mind it's not finished, so it kind of cuts off at a random spot. It's a work in progress.
Life is funny sometimes. Moments pass each other but never meet. I've wished many times in my life that I was more impulsive, that I could act instead of simply thinking. I always had a thing for you, I'm pretty sure I told you about a thousand times. From the moment I met you, I knew there had to be a place in my life for you. Or at least I was going to make one. The more I've gotten to know you, the more I wanted that part to be bigger. I wanted you to be more than just a friend. You're the person who reminds me the most of home. The cute, adorable, fun part of Cape Cod. All vacation and beaches. When I think of you, I see beaches and playgrounds. And for some reason, dino nuggets. Maybe I just want to see my chicken beat up your veggie nuggets. Shows are also a big part of it, but then again that's how I met you. I went through so much effort to see you before I left. I drove an hour to hang out, when to shows just to stand in the crowd and see you play. My car broke trying to see you.
I always wondered what would have happened if we were alone together. I was afraid I'd make a fool of myself trying to make a move, you'd reject me instantly, and we'd never see each other again. I wasn't willing to risk that. I wasn't ready to stop having you in my life. You recently told me you wanted me from the night we met, just as I did. I really wish I had known. I really wish you'd told me that night. I never cared you had a girlfriend, I was willing to overlook that part. Remember that night we talked online when you were high? You pretty much told me to come over at 1am and to bring condoms. You have no idea how close I was to doing so. My heart absolutely broke when you told me two days later you were high, it was a joke. I wanted it to be true more than anything. It would have been great to experience some of those adorable romantic gestures you sing about.

Well, that's it folks. Don't be too harsh.

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Diego said...

Quite a powerful outpouring of emotions. I think if anyone were to actually receive this "letter", they'd be insane to turn away from someone so obviously crazy for them.