22 May 2007


Today was so amazing. I loved every single moment of it, while except for like half an hour. I guess I'll have to start at the beginning of my wonderful day.

Reminiscing about oldie songs was great. Slightly sad that I could sing along and knew every word to the majority of them. The begin the Rollo parade throughout the rest of school with our version of the Vietcong tunnels. Bliss.

Drove Mike around for a while: Hy-Line; Jared's; Dunkin' Dounuts; Taco Bell; Christmas Tree Shop; and Dead Zone. And then he bought me the prettiest bracelet at the last location. I love it so much and it is absolutely beautiful. I love him so much.

Bad: Bobby and Austin harassing Justin yet again. Except this time they brought my mom into it, calling her a whore. Of course I had to get myself involved and talk to the two of them except they had to be around little kids so I couldn't bitch them out as I wished. Damn. But we just got back from talking with Bobby's parents, so it's slightly better.

Back to good. Mike means everything to me and I'm so happy I have him. He's the best thing I could have ever hoped for. He treats me the way only the most special girls deserve. I'm so happy he's considering going to South Carolina with me. It makes everything so much easier. And he's completely ecsatic about the fact that he now has a job and will have money on a regular basis, a good chunk too. I love him more than anything and I always will.

And he claims that he will never find anyone that he loves more than me. Which, is the best thing I have ever heard.

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