29 November 2010

I'm going to try this again.

I haven't touched this thing in three years and honestly, I had completely forgotten about it. So I'm going to try to give blogging another attempt and see what happens. I was never known for keeping my commitments without someone making me...

So I'm now living in North Carolina and have been here since July. It's quiet and country, and massive change from the Cape Cod beaches I grew up with. At least know I can have real pets and I adore my kitten Delia. I rescued and asked an ex to name her, a slight mistake in hindsight. I don't do much of anything and have no social life whatsoever. The main downside of living in the country is the lack of people around. I'd love to have some friends to go out with but I generally end up staying home and watching too many forensic shows. As of now, I'm currently unemployed because my bitch of an ex manager fired me for "stealing" regardless of the fact I didn't actually do it, but whatever. Fuck her. I have an interview tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed. These past two and a half weeks have been awful. No job means no excuse to leave the house and no money to spend. I also took my entrance tests for the college this morning and starting in Jan. I'll be training to become a pharmacy tech. I'm starting to gt my life back on track and hopefully it continues like this and I actually become an adult.

I've been feeling pretty antisocial, bitter, and cold lately. I think too many bad relationships with bad guys have ruined my outlook on life. I don't open up as easily as I did was I was younger and I have noticed I'm bitchy off the bat, as if I need to do it before they have the chance. I'm much too defensive and I'm not liking it. It's gotten to the point that I've turned to the bottle I'm so sick of myself. I'm sort of hoping this random writing will be more therapy than those joke counsoling sessions I once made myself go to years ago. But I guess we'll have to see about that, you never know.

I'll end this here and perhaps I'll remember to check back in tomorrow.


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