29 November 2010

A Word Of Caution

It has only been a few hours since I posted but I was stuck with boredom and that resulted in my reading the few posts I did make in '07. I kind of saw a problem with them and wanted to address it.

I'm no longer that so-called "emo child" or the hopelessly naive girl that I was in high school. Yes, I may have certain bouts of the residual emotional crap or depression but I'm better at hiding it. I think I learned over the years tears get you nowhere and neither does love. All of those issues and weaknesses that followed me out of high school all the way to college have turned a bit colder and I hear the term bitch a lot. Either that, or two faced bitch, because I have the habit of only being sweet when necessary. Nowadays, I rather be my own person than depend on another, it only gets a person into trouble and leave them with nothing. I am my own person and I'll rely on only myself. I mean come on, guys really like telling me I should be set on fire. Kind of funny when you think about it. XD Why put someone into the position of making such empty threats and just eliminate any possibilities.

For now, I'm going to be alone. These internet relationships with friends from back home are about all I can handle.

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