20 December 2011

I'm So Confused

I hate commitment. I hate feelings. I hate all that touchy feely romance shit.

I think I like someone. I enjoy spending time with him. I smile when I think of him.

It could be the sex. I'm going with the sex. I'm infatuated with lust and sex.

My mind is a state of utter confusion and irritation.


jamiessmiles said...

Just let it happen as it happens. If it's just sex, then it's just sex. If it's more, then there will be time to discover that when you are ready<3

Monica said...

Story of my life in one tiny blog post.

Tabs A. Geek said...

If there's one thing I've learned from being in relationships with people who don't like commitments, it's this -- as the person who doesn't like the commitment, the relationshipy portion, the best thing you can do is stay away from it until you're ready.