05 May 2013


My brother died the morning of January 9, 2013. One month to the day my grandmother passed. But lets back up a little bit.

I was feeling a little ill the night before. I had been camped out on the living room couch for almost a week. Momz made a nice family dinner and the three of us gathered in the living room for some TV and good times. We all joked around, poking fun at one another. It was an awesome night.

The next morning I woke up around noon. It was my day off and I was still feeling under the weather. Everyone was at work, so I was glad to have the house to myself. I remained fixed to the couch with the remote at my side.

Momz got home around three and hung out for an hour or so before leaving to pick Justin up from work at five. She got back an hour later alone saying he never made it to work. At this point it was dusk and she noticed a light coming from the shed.

Next thing I know, she's running back into the house telling me to call 911. Justin was dead and had been for hours.

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