06 August 2011

Being an Adult... I Don't Like It

I was responsible today. It was sort of strange. I woke up before ten, was showered, dressed, and in Jacksonville by 11am. Though I have to admit I was rocking leggings and shorts so short my ass would've been falling out without aforementioned leggings. I went to Mom's insurance company to discuss a liability policy. Sat there for about half an hour before learning I would have to go someone where else. I went and cashed my check, purchasing a fancy card to fix my direct deposit issue. From there it was the second insurance company.

Apparently they boned me. I didn't realize until about an hour ago when Mom was reading through the mountain of papers I got. I was slapped with about 250$ more than necessary and was charged for a debit card that I "didn't need to use, it's only there if I wish." Well, then why did you charge me if I'm most likely not using it? Life insurance, no thanks. Way not to tell me it was optional. I hate insurance companies.

BUT. I got my license transferred. I passed the silly eye test, the permit test, and took my fancy photo. I even took my lip ring out. I mean it's going to be my photo for eight years, unless of course I change states again, I should look like an adult. North Carolina even lets you pick which of four watermarks you want. I choose the lighthouse, obviously. Mom even guessed that would be the one I picked. "Did it remind you of home?" Damn straight it did!

I've decided I don't like being an adult. I really disliked talking about payment plans, accidents, and shelling out money. I would like a little more than a few pieces of paper for 200$, but that might just be me...


therabbitholeofalice said...

i have this conversation with myself at least three times a week. being an adult is for the birds.

Jess said...

I think I should just stay home and play video games all day!