08 October 2011

Drunk Dick

So douche nozzle Johnny never called and didn't respond to a nonchalant text I sent. So therefore he is now being referred to as Drunk Dick.

Because I deserved more than his lame attempt at a bar hook up. He sucks at life just a little bit.

As for now, I'm just flirting with Chris at work because he's gorgeous and just a perfect specimen of the male body. If I could post his picture for you, I would. But I'm trying not to destroy his privacy like I've erased any form of mine.

So your favorite blogger, just pretend that's me for a second, is still going to jam out with her clam out and rock the single life. Pretty much because I don't have a choice and I rather rock it than be miserable.

Sorry folks, that's all I can make into coherent sentences for now.

1 comment:

Big a said...

definitely not someone you'd want in your life my dear.

keep plugging and you'll find a good one :)

we don't need to settle for crap.