01 October 2011

The Best Night I've Had In A Long Time

I just got home and it's just past 3am. But it's cool because I don't have work for fourteen hours give or take. I'm still slightly buzzed and elated from everything that just happened.

Disclaimer: I'm still buzzed from the bar therefore this gets very explicit.

While at work, Erika and I decided that we were going out afterwards. We needed to plan my Halloween costume for the big party and maybe we wanted a drink. Or two. I was scheduled off before she was, but she had come in a few hours earlier, so fingers crossed we'd get out around the same time.

An hour of waiting, a phone call from the Momz, and we were off. Momz requested I picked her up at work since she was on the motorcycle and there was a thunderstorm abrewing. Completely understandable, and since we were only planning on going to our local 24hour Walmart, Erika and I didn't mind.

We took the trip back to my place, met Momz, who ended up just taking the coat I brought and decided to driver herself since the rain had stopped, back to my place to change into nicer clothes. Nice clothes meaning, clothes that aren't work clothes. Dressed in low cut shirts, wedge heels, and a touch of makeup, we drove the half hour trip back into town.

We made our first stop to Walmart and I found my costume. I'm going to be a fallen angel. I bought black wings, I might wear Erika's black corset, fishnets, heels. I'm just not sure about the bottoms. I can't decide what sort of skirt to wear. Frustrating. Now, to the bar!

We got stuck in a road block. Stupid license checks even though we were just let through. We walked into a bar that was mainly for Steelers fans. I'm not a fan, but Erika is. We got whistled at the second we walked in, being two of the few girls in there. I forgot to change into my heels after driving, so I ran back to the car and by the time I walked back in a guy was already trying to pick Erika up. His brother, friend, and he were about to head home, but when we mentioned that bar was only a pit stop to another, the three of them decided to head there as well.

Each of us one drink in, Erika and I left for the second bar. In a totally geeky way, we were both excited to be bar hopping for the first time and that guys were meeting us. Once there, we discovered the place was packed. It was so awesome, yet so loud, but we found the boys and we found out their names. Steven was the slightly chunky, kind of ugly guy that first talked to us. Johnny was the brother, James the friend. Johnny was hot. I zeroed in on that like no tomorrow. Unfortunately my being nice by flirting with the lesser attractive one led to him being all over me. His arm was around my shoulders, my waist, my ass. That was when I started being more open about my attraction to Johnny.

The five of us were all outside having a smoke and talking. I kept making very open ended sexual comment towards Johnny. At this point, I was on my second drink and some adderall, so I was a little buzzed and slightly more blunt than I normally would have been. But I'm sure you all know me well enough by now to know that when I drink and see a cute boy, I rarely hide my intentions and often try to make good on them.

After a back of forth of very sexual comments, Johnny wanted to elaborate a bit more. With his arm around me, he asked for the keys to the truck they had arrived in. I kept asked what my incentive for going into the drunk god damn I'm still too buzzed truck. I was looking for a kiss. Which is what I got on the walk over. Even though Erika and I arrived a little bit after them, apparently we parked right next to the boys. Which made things easier later on...

SO. We got into the truck, which was so fucking huge I had to take off my heels and climb my ass in, and the making out commenced. Almost immediately he went for my pants. The pants I was wearing have a zipper, button, and drawstring. This was all way too complicated for a drunk boy, I laughed and had to help him. His pants down, his hands taking off my pants and touching me, his lips on mine... And nothing. No condoms and too drunk for an erection. We fooled around a bit longer and whose knocking at the door but Steven. Opening it, he's asking to join, to be next, and I'm telling him to go away. I might have gone to hook up with a guy I just met, but I wasn't going to be passed around.

I tried to help Johnny get it up, even going down on him for a while. But nothing. Slightly frustrated, I put my pants back on and told him maybe next time. Walking back inside, I gave him my number and told him we should definitely try again, when we have a bed. Back with the group, we tried getting more drinks from the bar three people deep. Took probably about half an hour, but at least I didn't have to pay. During this, Steven kept touching my ass and I had to eventually tell him off as nicely as I could to make him stop. He didn't like me too much after that, but I didn't care and just got closer to Johnny.

Eventually everyone went to the truck to get high, along with the creeper from my birthday, and Johnny and I just stood outside my car. He asked about my Marine boyfriend after seeing the decals on my car. I informed our dear Johnny that the Marine is my uncle. He complained of the cold, which was nothing for my New England blood, and told me to keep him warm. He stood in front of me and I wrapped one arm around him. I was still holding a drink, don't judge. After a few more minutes of complaining, I offered my car but warned of its tiny size and mess.

And so the venue changed. We made out some, talked some, and he tried to convince me to drive someone more private for sex. Ladies and gentleman, I said no. I told him not tonight, but I'd love to see him again afterwards. To which he said he was going to Virginia for a few days and wouldn't be back until midweek. Bummer. We finally asked each other's ages, though I think we both assumed it was safe since we met at a bar. He joked about being 19 with a fake id, but soon afterward admitted to being 24. With his own place. Can you say score?

Around this time I realized it was nearing on 2am and I should probably have been home ages ago. I yelled to Erika, who was still in the truck, that we needed to head out since we had a long drive home. Johnny lost his phone, so I called it a few times trying to help. I got my kiss goodbye. Erika got in, the boys drove away, I begin to back up and I get a call. Johnny called to let me know he found his phone and that he'd call me on Thursday when he gets back into town. Huge smile.

With that, Erika and I drove back to where we left her car and had a nice heart to heart that was only slightly impeded by our varying intoxication levels. Since I was more sober than her, I told her to eat my sandwich that I bought before the bar and try to sober up a tad. Back her car, I followed almost all the way home and had her on speakerphone so I'd know she'd be fine and get home safe. And I got home safe, too. Obviously since I'm sitting here writing this for all you lovelies to read.

Hm, so this took me two hours to write because, name plug, Loads and Amp are distracting me via TCS and G+. For shame! =D


jamiessmiles said...

Gotta hate when they are too drunk to get it up:P Sounds like you had a great time though. That Steven sounds like a creeper.

Jess said...

Well we exchanged numbers so I'm looking forward to hearing from him this week. I'll give him a second chance. ;)

angela said...


You had a very interesting night.

Lets hope he's not a douche :D

My nights just consisted of doing the tango in the middle of the street.

Completely sober.