11 October 2011

Why Meeting People Off The Internet Is Awesome

Tonight was amazing. It seems like every other night I have is the best ever, but tonight was a low key good night. I've been texting this boy from the interwebs for the last couple days and tonight we decided to meet.

We ended up meeting in the Walmart parking lot where I was sitting on the hood of my car and he was in staring at me from inside his. We established we're both creepers, indecisive, and tattoo obsessed. I brought him to my new favorite bar, the one I went to for both my birthday and a week ago, and he loved the place.

Chris and I ended up having a few drinks and talking for a few hours. He made from of my accent, teased me from being from a state he hated, and we watched a bit of a baseball game on. We discussed his time in the Marines, his upcoming deployment, our families. Though making fun of the horrible karaoke singers may have been the funniest part. At one point, Chris put his arm around me and twenty minutes later kissed me. We did make out for a bit, but it was nice.

I thoroughly enjoyed my night. Not in a lustful, hot man way. But a cute crush sort of way. He's already asked to see me tomorrow after work and I'm pretty excited. I'm kind of sort of really into him. More than I thought I would.

That is why I'm now wicked pro-meeting people off the internet.


LFC_Loads said...

So you weren't 'pro meeting people off the internet' before? Ouch =P

Jess said...

Well I was!
This is the first person I've met.

Stop trying to ruin my good mood! :p

Jess said...

Days after and I realize I made a typo.

I meant to say "this isn't the first person"

I obviously suck at commenting on my own posts.

Paige said...

i love this and you!

Jess said...


I love you, too! <3