02 October 2011

Douche Magnet

So I facebook stalked previously mentioned cute boy from the bar, mister Johnny.

He's married.

I have a magnet for men looking to cheat.

I suck.

Let's hope it's one of those joke marriages.

Like the one I have there.


angela said...

He's married and he made out with someone else?

Wow. Wtf. It's as if the good guys have just melted into the floor never to return.

jamiessmiles said...

Fuck, I hate guys like that. But he friended you on fb? Is he suicidal? What a dumbass.

Jess said...

Well, we did more than make out. We attempted sex but he had drunk dick. Ugh. But he also wanted to get a hotel room, which should have tipped me off.

He did not add me on facebook. I'm just a creeper and stalked him. XD

MM said...

Of all the articles that could've been my introduction to your blog ... :P
I kid, it's hilarious. I like your style and content. I'd say more but then I'd automatically be a douche.