22 September 2011

Letter to a Soldier

I'm actually really upset you're gone again. I've only seen you for a weekend in five years, but we've known each other twice as long. You were one of my childhood friends. Someone I greatly missed in the absence. You were what was good about Cape Cod, all the things I miss about it. Having you back in my life re-lit a spark in me that had died when I made the move.

I was so excited that you were stationed at Bragg. You were so close after being overseas for years. You would only be there a short time and within days we had plans to reunite. We had a short four days together, with me working half the time. But the two of us, it was great. It reminded me of home so much, of what I missed. I missed the humor, the sarcastic comments one after the other. It was so good to be around someone who didn't immediately write me off as stuck up rather than understand my personality quirks. 

Now, I'm worried about you. You're currently on a plane back to Afghanistan and it scares me. I don't want anything to happen to you. I don't want you over there for a year. I want you back here curled up in a hotel bed with me watching stupid movies and laughing. When I think of you, that's about all I imagine. Childhood friends simply enjoying each other's company.

My only hope is you stay safe and out of harm's way. Promise me you'll come back next year the same way you left. Come back to the people that love you just as we remember you.

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