18 September 2011

Drunk Birthday

My 22nd birthday was on the 7th and I should have written this post the day after but I've been avoiding the computer for some reason lately. I suck.

The day started with me leaving the house to beautify. I got a french manipedi, my hair cut, and my eyebrows done. Seriously guys, I cut my hair. Like five inches went from my head to the ground. It's much shorter than I wanted, but what's done is done and hair grows back. From that, I drove down the street to grab some lunch and some booze.

I'm sitting in a drive through and my car starts freaking out. Luna starts sputtering, stalling, and refusing to work. I manage to get out of line and into a spot but I know my clutch is dead. Thank you Luna for your amazing birthday gift, the amazing disappearing clutch. It rocked. I called my uncle, told him what happened, and asked him to come get me. I then called Erika that I wouldn't be at her house as soon as I had planned. Sitting at a McDonald's for close to two hours is no picnic my dears.

After much struggle, my car ends up being towed back to my house. Uncle offers to drive me to Erika's so I don't miss my own birthday party. I grabbed my bags and hop in, happy I actually get to end the night on a better note. She wasn't home when I got there, so I let myself in and start getting dressed. I'm all done up with my new do, killer heels, skinny jeans, and a shirt that makes my boobs the main attraction.

Soon after Erika arrives home, I begin to pregame the bar. I had 2/3 of a 1liter bottle of rum... and made it last two drinks. Kids at home, making your drinks 90/10 gets you drunk pretty damn fast. Wren, TJ, and Andy were the only ones to show up because I have no friends it was a Wednesday night. After attempting to talk me out of wearing heels, we all piled in the van and took off to the bar.

We immediately walked out to the back deck and I parked it at a table. I was delivered drinks, high fived everyone in sight, and got hit on by a creepy guy. He sat down next to me, put his arm around me, and started talking about my sign. I couldn't make this up. He was so weird, I made Wren my decoy. Every time this dude came near me, I stuck by Wren. I was called inside for a birthday shot, promptly told strangers it was my birthday, got it announced, and again, high fived every one in sight.

The group got back in the van, the creepy guy trying to follow us, and headed out. When we got back to the house, I puked in the back yard. It wasn't pretty, but that's what happens when you drink like I do. Shit happens, yo. I passed out on the love seat, though I apparently changed pants before this, but I don't remember that nugget of time. Wren ended up wedging himself under my legs and attempted cuddling with me. Luckily I was awake enough to move to the other couch and sleep alone. I was in no mood to get raped.

When I woke up in the morning, I was luckily still fully clothed and nothing had been inserted anywhere, a girl would know these things. I then had to figure out how to get home. It was eventually Wren to bring me home as a last resort, but since then he's been a little hung up on me. *sigh*

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