18 July 2011

A Cloudy Sky in the Sunshine

I've been in a wicked good mood since my accident. I have had the surrounding aura of "ohemgee, I'm so happy to be alive everything is so shiny and pretty and I'm never going to be sad again!" I've be able to find the good in everything and haven't stopped smiling at the beauty that is life. This, unfortunately, was slightly deflated over the weekend with drunken crying and stolen money.

I made plans with Erika to go to her party Saturday night and was pretty damn excited. I love that girl, she's one of the few people I thoroughly enjoy spending time with at/from work. I was scheduled to work until 8pm that day and her close, which could be midnight for all we knew. Surprisingly I got off at 6 and drove home bearing calzones for the family to waste a few hours. Thinking the liquor store closed at 10pm, I left home a little after 9. Sadly, it closed at 9 and I was stuck going to WalMart for some champagne when I wanted rum. I ordered a sub at work waiting for Erika and Tj stole me to buy him beer.

Erika finally got off, even though it was still early and only around 10pm. Some of her friends followed us to her house and let the party begin! It started off slow but was fun. We drank some, danced some, drank some more. I saw a few girls pee and a few saw me. I grinded with multiple females, danced with apple pie, and was almost pimped. *I wanted to make out with someone, Erika's boyfriend Tiger was trying to get a supposedly hot block coworker to come for me because he wanted to fuck someone. Tiger tried showing me he treated his girls great and starting waving money. I had about 500$ stuffed in my bra at one point.*

Well, some point during the night Jeremiah and Alysia show up. Regardless of the fact Erika told them not to come. It was fine for a while, Alysia and I talked, danced, peed, it was all good. But as the night progressed and Jeremiah drank more, he started commenting more. Calling me a lightweight for one because I was happy with my buzz and not chugging booze like I usually do. We were mostly all in the kitchen and the girls dancing. Alysia came up to me and began dancing with me. At this, Jeremiah walked up and pulled her away saying, "Oh fuck no."

To which I responded, "I haven't said one word to you tonight, get out of my face."

"Stay away from her."

"Get out of my face."

"Stay away from her."

"Get the fuck out of my face."

"I mean it, stay away."

"Get the FUCK out of my face!"

At this point I walked away and out of the house yelling, "fucking asshole" because that's exactly what he is. Erika was on the porch and walked with me. I was crying and she was pissed he made me cry. She began saying how awesome I was in comparison to him and why he wasn't worth the tears. I was mainly upset that my week of amazing happiness was stained. When I stopped crying, we made our way back into the house with the two most adorable gay men that just showed up. We grabbed beer and went out onto the deck in the back. Erika quietly told Tiger about the situation and asked that Jeremiah be kicked out. Soon enough he and Alysia were asked to leave and Erika and I sat and had a heart to heart.

I also got a boob exam by a gay man. Apparently I need the "Vega Stamp of Approval" declaring I have fabulous titties. They got groped, played with, pulled out, motorboated... it was a process. I was laughing my ass off the whole time and in the end, they were approved. So I suppose it was worth it, it was funny shit at least. Later Jeremiah called and bitched to Tiger about being kicked out. You could just hear Tiger saying he wanted nothing to do with him and to stop calling.

Eventually the night winded down and I passed out on the couch. I woke up the next morning, got dressed, and left for work. I stopped at a gas station on the way to fill up since my tank was almost on empty. I walk inside and  once I'm at the register, I open my wallet to nothing. I say aloud, "there's supposed to be money in there..." and leave. I look through my purse thinking maybe it just fell out but nothing. Frustrated I drive to work and ask Andy and Rachel if one of them could loan me 10$ so I could deliver and promising to pay them back with my tips. Thankfully Rachel does and agrees how messed up it was that someone took my money.

Talking with Erika later, she believes it was Jeremiah. Apparently he was beyond pissed about being kicked out. Fortunately I made enough in tips to pay back Rachel, get lunch, and put enough gas in my car to get home. I'm just happy I took an additional 40$ out of my wallet before going to the party. I would have been livid if I lost almost 70$ dollars.

But, life goes on and I'm just happy I still get to enjoy it.

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