03 July 2011


It's 2am, and I've only been home for half an hour. My six hour shift at work turned into an 8 1/2 hour shift. I forgot my shirt and had to run to WalMart for a black shirt, at least I got one on sale. I twisted my ankle because dipshits decided to let the trashcan overflow and let plastic bags fall on the floor. Losing your footing because you slipped on a sandwich bag sucks. I was limping half the night, my right foot pointed inward, and it kills like a sonuvabitch. I got lost driving on the Air Station, I need a goddamn map for that place. But at least I got 54$ in tips. Filled my tank from the last two days. Btdubbs, you shouldn't go through a tank of gas in two days because of work, and my car is good on gas.

I am still convinced Chris is flirting with me. I still miss Melvin. I want to get laid and might call Shane tomorrow. I am now kind of missing relationships. My chest itches from some random bug bite. I'm tired. I'm ranting. I need tiger blood. Or a zombie apocalypse.


Tabs A. Geek said...

Oh my dear. Sorry to hear about your ankle.

And you do have Tiger Blood, we discussed this already.

Jess said...

It hurts so bad! And I'm a driver so I put constant stress on it.

Yes. Tiger blood. I haz it.