02 July 2011

New Newsy News

So I have some news. It may not be important to you, but I'm pretty damn excited. I'll break this up into a list. Some isn't actually news, but stuff that happened today that either made me happy or confused!

1! New Blog! I started a group blog with some fellow bloggies over at 20sb. It's just random stuff we see or come across through life. Just completely random stuff that made us do a double take. I started it off a bit ago, and it's still very much under construction, but it's exciting!
2! I'm now part of the Karaoke Ring of Death, also something from 20sb. Each month there's a different theme and a bunch of us record ourselves singing a song that falls into the category. This month it's covers and rip offs. I have a few different ones in mind...
3! I finally got on base today during work. Uncle finally gave me the notorized letter the other day and I tried for the very first time tonight to deliver a very lucky Marine his wings. It worked! I'm officially base ready. Do I smell more hours?!
4! The two newly single boys at work are flirting with me. It's weird. This isn't necessarily important, just struck me as odd. I'll have to keep my eye on them...
5! I saw Jeremiah for a few minutes today and he looks rough. He deserves every bit of the pain he's in. Ha! And he actually attempted kindness. He said goodbye to me. I almost punched him. But I'm happy I controlled myself and just gave him a snotty look.
6! I think I'm going to be doing a revamp of my blog again. It's looking pretty dang crowded over there in the side bar.
7! Certain people that shall remain nameless, got me back into Twitter and I've been annoying celebrities all day. I told Charlie Sheen I was winning and Cee Lo Green that I'm happy he has a friendly penis. I'm just trying to freak one of them out enough to respond.
8! I'm now on Google+, so email or comment if you want to be a part of my circle. Honestly, it's kind of boring right now, but that might only be because I only have like five people on there. So join my circle and add me to yours and let's try to do it up like a champ!
9! I now have 51 followers!! If you guys start commenting more, maybe I'll attempt a giveaway again. The last one kind of flopped and never happened because only two people entered.
10! Honestly, I just wanted to use this last one to tell some of the people I met over on 20sb how great they are. You guys have shown me how willing you are to be there for me and I think that's amazing. Too few people in this world are willing.


Tabs A. Geek said...

Jess, I <3 you. Yep. I heart you lots.

Kandace said...

I hate commenting on blogger so I rarely will (hell, I'll tweet a response first) but I felt I Had to respond to this one.

1 yay for belly lint!
2 I know you'll love krod
7 I love you on twitter. I can @ you all day long now.
8 G+ will be awesome once we invite all the cool kids. Until then it's still fab with Tabs & I.
10 I heart your face. Cause i'm going to assume i'm one of those people you're talking about and if not that I Will show you soon & have this about me anyway. :)

Ps. you live in the wrong state.