09 July 2011

Busted Circadian Rhythms & Whore Delights

I'm delaying getting ready for work. I'm practically a zombie. My stupidity and my busted circadian rhythm wouldn't let me sleep until four hours ago. My schedule went all wacky this weekend and I ended up getting roped into working this morning.

My mood has been all crazy lately. It's been a rollercoaster. I was pissy yesterday morning due to a friend, but then surprisingly okay as the day wore on. But then I got to work and found out Melvin is now out of jail and he never let me know, like I asked him to. So I immediately texted, still haven't gotten an answer. That put me in a shit mood for the rest of the night. Which caused a headache. Hey gang, I apparently am famous for tension headaches. I guess I'm happy to finally know why I get headaches like no one's business, I just assumed I had a screwy brain.

With the headache, my ruined manicure, and a work rush, I was ready to punch someone. When I was finally allowed to have a smoke break, I just collapsed on the ground and dazed out. I talked to Tj some about why I was upset. No names of course, but I told him the guy I liked was being douchey and that I should probably stop going after douches. He responded that girls never give good guys, like him, a chance. I said, "Tj, I haven't gone after a good guy in years. Let alone given one a chance."

My supervisor cut me early for doing all the driver's dishes and because I agree to come in this morning. Plus, I never ask to be the first one sent home. I sit and smoke, talking to Tj a little more. We always seemed to be leaving the same time. I got chinese from the place next store, tried scoring a booty call, then went home. My mood stayed pretty shitty for the most part.

I was talking to Erika more once she got home from work. We've decided we both desperately need a crazy girl's night. We're going to hit up Myrtle Beach for a night of debauchery. I told her if I don't have one new regret by the morning, the trip was a bust. We plan to spend the day on the beach and the night drunk in bars hitting on random people. We agree that this night will never be spoken off and that we're going to whore it up like no tomorrow. I'm single and in a slump, and she wants to get back at a cheating boyfriend, what could go wrong?

Fuck it, I pretty much gave up on anything of substance a long time ago. Considering the only decent guys that want me around are gay.

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jamiessmiles said...

Oh, Jess, I hear you. <3

Having a good consequence free weekend can do you the world of good sometimes.