24 July 2011

Random Mishmash

I haven't exactly posted anything of substance lately. I've been busy with work and just plain lazy honestly. So this is to catch up on things I haven't mentioned.

Posting about my epic tips was bad karma. The next day I barely made enough to cover gas. Damn.

Jeremiah quit. Oh fucking happy day.

I'm still attempting a guest posting series about near death experiences. But, I've only gotten two so far, three if you count my silly one from Jamie, and I don't consider that enough. So I'm still waiting slash looking for more.

I got a ticket yesterday. For a rolling stop. What the fudge you goddamn statie. I could see, no one was there, you're just trying to make your quota because the end of the month is coming. It's 50$ fine. Plus, in North Carolina they charge you for a court date even if you don't go, which is 170$. Both my car and insurance was in my uncle's name and it needs to be renewed soon. I have a feeling he'll be dropping me like a hot potato and I'll have to spend a bajillion dollars to get everything in my name. UGH.

I want to rip out my uterus, throw it into a wood chipper, and promptly never think of it again. Ever. It is simply far too much pain and trouble than it's worth.


Big a said...

what drives me crazy, is we go through all the pain for the majority of our life, and then someone like me can't even have kids.

then what's the fucking point of having the fucking pain every month?!!?!?

there outta be a law.

Jess said...

I've been beginning to cramp the whole month. I'm starting to think my uterus is dying and that's it.

jamiessmiles said...

Silly. Psh! I give you pure gold, open my heart and relive painful experiences and you call it silly?

LOL, Love you, feel better with all that girl stuff.

Jess said...

I love your face Jamie. <3

Tabs A. Geek said...

Mine's coming, I promise!