21 July 2011

Workin' It

Sometimes, I really love my work uniform and the fact my boss tries to pimp us all out.

Background: My boss is a retired Marine and a bit of a creeper. He caters to Marines (and his own viewing pleasure) by hiring attractive girls and shoving them into low cut shirts and allowing them to wear short shorts.

I had fun taking awesome, dark, cell phone in the mirror pictures for you. I put my shirt back on for you, feel special. Though, you can't see the boxers I'm wearing.

See, low cut. Yes, that is my lacy adorable bra peeking out in the photo on the right. And yep, my room is pretty damn messy, though I do have that kickass Victoria Frances (the site's in Spanish, oops) poster on the wall.

Most nights, I make major tips and it's pretty damn awesome. You flirt a little, your cleavage is all in the atmosphere and BOOM 5$ tip. I walked out of work with close to 70$ tonight and it made me pretty damn happy, considering it was only five hours worth of deliveries. Sometimes it helps to have a nice rack.


Big a said...

if i had 'em, i'd flaunt 'em too :)

jamiessmiles said...

LOL, the advantages of being a woman. The guys are probably lucky to make their gas money back. Too bad for them. Work it, Love;)

Elle said...

I love Victoria Frances too! I have a few of her posters on my walls, including a gorgeous full-length one.

Tabs A. Geek said...

Hahaha. You weren't kidding when you said that about your boss. Oh man. At least you have nice knockers for it ;)