13 July 2011

Sing It KROD Style!

This is my first go at this Karaoke Ring Of Death coolness. My video is over on Dave's page if you feel the need to laugh at my extreme awkwardness of being sober and singing on camera like that's what normal people do.

Me, I also get to bask in awesomeness of this girl right here, Jes. She makes me laugh like no tomorrow and I'm sure you'll all love her as much as I do. =D

hey y'all this is Jes (one less s than my beautiful hostess) and my
blog is Jes Getting Started as if y'all didn't know. I mean I am tied
as karaoke queen with Tsa so I am pretty famous in this ring of
karaoke goodness. This month was probably one of my favorites because
well cover songs are totally my cup of tea. And I am about to admit
something, I am a Gleek. That's right I love Glee. Glee is a hot bed
of cover songs clearly so I had a million to pick from but y'all
really lucked out when I found out one of my favorite songs, which was
covered by This skinny cow I can't stand on Glee, just so happened to
be a cover song in it's own right. Holy run on sentence!


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Tabs A. Geek said...

Like always Jes, you friggin rocked it.

ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com said...

You're a natural. I'm jealous.

Jas said...

Um, you totally rocked it. Just saying :)

Nicole said...

Hahahahaha. YOU WOULD. I was like, "Hmm, what Glee song might she choose?" Even after you introed it, I still couldn't figure it out. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED. Awesome. Loved it. :)