16 June 2011


I'm not sure if you've noticed, probably not but I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I've got something new and exciting on this wonderful little blog. After a week of agonizing wait for approval I have finally joined the ranks of a very prestigious blogging community. Folks, I've joined 20 Something Bloggers. I got a pretty badge to proudly display and everything. It's pretty badass.

Last night was my first day, and honestly, it's pretty epic. I have a pretty profile with my pretty face and joined a few groups and discussions. I also hung out in the chatroom for a few hours just basking in the mass awesomeness of the place. I even have friends. Me, I got friends, four of them! Is it bad that all four are boys I may or may not have sexually harassed in the chatroom and lured in with the promise of bacon? Okay, maybe only two fall into that category. Basically, the place is wicked awesome.

Well that's my plug for the day. I'm off to get a military decal on my car so my boss stops yelling at me for not being able to get on base when we get deliveries there up the wazoo. Oh, and I was stood up last night. Karma for blowing off Michael? Possibly. All I know is I'm pretty bummed because I really dug this one. =[

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