06 June 2011

Rum, Whiskey, Beer, Tequila, & Condoms

It's finally my day off and I can spill on my adventures since I blogged Wednesday night. Of course there is much more booze, sex, laughter, and a few urges to punch someone in the face. I've officially decided that while I have no clue where my life is going, I'm okay with it. I've also decided to fuck that pc no name bullshit I was going with because all the initials are getting confusing to me and I know the people, I have no clue how all you are surviving and keep my adventures straight.

Thursday morning I woke up early feeling like my insides were ripped apart the night before, in a good way. Shane, formally known as the cute boy from class, seriously knows his shit and may or may not have caused me to bleed slightly from a punctured already misformed uterus. So I got dressed and drove my little bum to work and explained to Andy, A, that I needed to get off early. Leaving work at 6 when my final is 6:30 is not preferrable when school was across town and there's tons of construction traffic going down. Thankfully he understood and Alysia agreed to come in early so I left at 5. I'm sure Jeremiah, J, was more than thrilled I was leaving just as he was getting there. I sat outside in the wonderful sunshine in my stinky work clothes and studied.

When I went in and sat down in front of the computer, I was just slightly dreading the next two hours. I read the lists of drugs we were supposed to memorize that I didn't even knew existed until just three days prior and freaked out just a little. The class filed in one by one, I stuck my tongue out at Shane when he arrived and waited for the instructions. Once actually taking the final, it wasn't so bad. I actually knew some of the drugs and the questions were only slightly tricky. I ended with a 89 on the final and a 95 in the course. Pretty damn good if I say so myself. I got a fancy certificate for passing and we all booked it out. I talked to Shane for a bit but we went our separate ways, though we drove in the same direction for a while. XD

Friday: Another day shift, another day waking up early. I decided I wanted to go to a party so Andy and Rachel, R, decided to make it happen. Once I got out, I added up my tips, bought rum, pineapple juice, and drove to Andy's. Sam was already there and she was helping Andy clean since his mom was coming with a car for him since his went caput a while ago. She didn't stay long so out came the booze. Rachel came over not much later, so shots of whiskey started. My total count for the night was five shots of whiskey and four rum and pineapple where the rum was getting stronger and stronger. More and more coworkers showed up, Jessica and Tj, which only added to the amount of children running around. Talk of Alysia and Jeremiah coming arose and everyone made it clear that he couldn't start shit with me or he'd be kicked out. But of course he couldn't act mature.

I was having a grand old time. I was dancing on tables, grinding with girls. There was a blunt or two passed around. Everyone was having awesome conversations. Especially when Jessica and Tj had sex in the bathroom, that caused a whole mess of jokes. I made a very funny drunk call to Shane at one point trying to get him to drive over, but silly him was drunk at home. Alysia and I had one of those drunk heart to hearts about where we stand with each other. I thought she hated me since she's close with Jeremiah and I don't know what he told her. But after everything, we have no problem with each other, we actually had a fucking blast. She's annoyed with him as well considering she's married and Jeremiah doesn't take a hint. It pissed him off that we were talking, and was bitched out a few times by her. By the time I was half asleep, I was more than tired of the comments coming out of Jeremiah's mouth. I was on the verge of punching him more than once. So when he was sitting near me talking to Alysia about how I'm a dirty bitch and he wishes I would kill myself, I grabbed my purse and walked out to my car. I crawled into the backseat and laid down, I just wanted to sleep in a quiet place. Tj followed me and tried taking my keys away, afraid I was going to drive home. I kept them and was out within minutes.

Saturday: I awoke around 7:30 and drove off to my nana's place to sleep in an actual bed for a few hours. Andy called me at ten to see if I could help out at work but I was still messed up and went back to sleep. I didn't crawl out of bed until 2pm. When I finally did feel it was safe to leave the confines of the covers, I got dressed for work. I showed up an hour early for my 5pm shift because I swore it originally said 4pm, which it could've because our schedules change at random all the time. Thankfully I was a driver that night so I didn't have to much deal with Jeremiah's bullshit inside. One of his friends, Robert, started working there and I'm sure the two of them were talking about me considering Robert was giving me strange looks all night. I was more than thankful when I was cut lose at 11 and sent home. I did make awesome tips. I missed my bed and I had an 11am shift the following day.

Sunday: I drove in for 11am and helped with the normal day prep stuff. I was sent out on a few deliveries and had an overall good shift. After awhile of texting Shane and having the "talk", we got things straight. He says he's not boyfriend material and that I'm not the only girl he's seeing. Honestly, I don't care much. I don't really have time for a relationship anyway. I'm always working when normal people aren't and I just want a good lay every once in a while, which is exactly what I told him. He's the only person I'm seeing right now, but that's likely to change.

When I got off work, Andy invited me over to finish off the drinks left over from Friday night. I told him I was grabbing chink before I came over, I was fucking stahving. I ordered my orange chicken dinner, sat down, and checked my phone. Shane texted me to say he had a free hour or two if I wanted to come over for a lay. I agreed and he asked I pick up condoms and beer on my way. I walked over to the Walgreen's in the plaza the chinese place and my job was in and went on the search for condoms. You know, most pharmacies put their condoms in the family planning section. With all the pregnancy tests, lubes, and such. I circled three times and got frustrated when I couldn't find them. I grabbed the beer and walked to the front. Do you know how awkward it is to ask where the hell the condoms are? Very. They were in the toothpaste aisle. Seriously. Like, what the fuck Walgreen's? I stood in line behind a hot guy and put a 12pack and condoms on the counter, it was obvious someone was having a good night.

I got to Shane's shortly after, we both popped open a beer, and pretty much immediately went at it. Clothes fell to the floor, our hands were all over each other. Sex with that boy might be my new favorite past time. When it was over, we dressed, had a cigarette in the living room, and I left. I did have food in my car and I was due at a friend's. I want to have a little control in this situation, so I left him hanging. I kissed him good bye, told him texting each other wasn't mutually exclusive and walked out the door. I picked up some pineapple juice down the street, and drove the rest of the way to Andy's. I swear, the Piggly Wiggly is going to think I'm a drunk because I only buy pineapple juice there. I was the first one at Andy's, even he was down the street. His son, Brandon, ran over to me and we shared my orange chicken while he waited for his daddy to drive over.

I was only there for a short while before Sam showed up with her two daughters, her special male friend, Melvin, and lasagna. It was a good night. The four of us just chilled and drank. They all had their beer, me my rum. We all took a shot of tequila, a few hair cuts took place. Overall, we just had a chill time. It was nice with no drama. Of course we discussed the previous parties and drama a little, but mainly to laugh about it. We stayed until just after 11pm. That's when we realized the time and saw we should probably all be home. I arrived home just before midnight and crashed in bed texting until I passed out.

Seems like I'm getting a active social life.


Bellatrix said...

I'm All ready laughing @ the first few sentences. I live on the Cape too.

Jess said...

Ooo.. Where on Cape?
I lived in Yarmouth up until last summer. =]

Bellatrix said...

Aw why'd you leave?! I live in Barnstable

Jess said...

My family moved and I couldn't afford the Cape by myself. I miss my old haunting grounds. =[

Bellatrix said...

aw yeah my house is up for sale unfortunately. but I'm stayin on the good ole' Cape. You should still visit it.

Jess said...

I want to visit, desperately.

I need to get one of those necklaces with a bottle full of Cape sand. =]