02 June 2011

Of Course

I should call this blog "The Life & Times of a Vag". Because I'm itching to tell you my latest sexcapades. I'm still tingling from the adventure, though that might still be all that spice I smoked.

Of course the cute boy in class flirts with me on the last day. We were on the same team for the Who Wants to be a Millionaire style study game to review for the final tomorrow night. During the break we both went outside for a smoke and started talking. He asked if I studied with anyone from class and I said I haven't since I stopped being friends with another girl in class. So of course he suggested we study together and we exchanged numbers.

Once class was over, we decided to go to his place since it was the most convenient. We stopped to get some beer and got comfy at his house. Seriously, comfiest couch ever. Like legit. We drank some, smoked some, then he kissed me and we made out like crazy. I got pretty damn high, and I don't smoke often. I'm still feeling that shit. Of course we ended up in his bedroom, just like he said. That cocky bastard, haha. Though that was part of the allure, I love some confidence in a man. And did I mention the body? All muscly and hawt. Arms like oh my god, stomach like holy shit, and an adorable ass. Seeing that boy in the nude is a wonderful, wonderful sight.

Being thrown on his bed, choked, and boned like no tomorrow... I'm pretty sure he broke me. My period ended yesterday, and I was bleeding again. I have been punctured and it felt amazing. Of course we needed a second go around. Of course this is going to happen again. He is deff my new favorite playmate. We did talk and hang out, so there is the beginning of a friendship there. But mostly I do not want to keep my hands off him. Got to love just falling into lust and acting crazy.

I loooooove ruining one guy's day the same time I'm making anothers. =]


Diego said...

You go girlfriend! *snaps fingers like a sassy Latina stereotype*

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Watch your heart Jess.
This is also about the sexy times!

And @ Diego: sassy latinas don't really do that. hehe

Jess said...

I think I was just in a good mood from making J hate me so much. So when an hawt, cocky bastard like my classmate made a move, I was more than happy to go with it.