30 June 2011

Twitter BlogSex

Some of my very cool and silly fellow bloggers from 20sb, which is just about the best bloggy place, have convinced me to use my Twitter account again. So if anyone would like to be a wicked special part of the epic lovefest we're having over there, feel free! My name is on my Contact Me page, but if you're too lazy to check, I'm not judging believe me, it's @dinosawrhugs.

So join us!

Oh, and I'm also on Google+. =]


Kandace said...

I'm going to do my best to keep you on twitter. Because even when I am too Unfocused to blog and too annoyed to facebook, I still have twitter. And I heart it.

And with all your lovely wonderfuls on G+ I may find that to be my 2nd thing to socialize on instead of FB. Because it is rather like FB with less of the people I don't really like but feel obligated to keep around since that's the only place I allow them to be.

Margaritas. My place. Soon. :)

Jess said...

I'll stay there for you. You've gotten me readdicted. It's bad.

We do need a Margarita slumber party. It'll be epic. Now we just need to get over this whole distance thing. =]

Oh our 20sb epicness.