13 June 2011


I've had cuddling on the brain a lot lately. Maybe I've been single too long, maybe I just want to be held. I've come to the realization I've spent too many nights laying awake for hours wishing someone was next to me. My blankets aren't too fun to cuddle with, they don't hug you back. This has made me feel a little more lonely than usual. Perhaps because I'm sort of interested in someone and I don't really have a chance there. I mean, we're friends but he's another one who just wants to have fun rather than settle down at our age. Oh, and I met him because he's sleeping with a coworker. Not too bright to try and get with it. All I know is I dig him.

Whatever the case may be, I needed to get myself a cuddle buddy. So I got one. He's adorable, has these golden green eyes, cuddly, and black. I normally don't go for the black boys, but he just got me. I know what you're thinking, "Jess, do you really need another guy in your life?" Apparently the answer to that question is fuck yeah. I know you want to see a picture of him. AND a picture of us cuddling. Okay, okay, stop pleading. =]

Meet Blinkin. <3

Dels is pretty upset I brought another kitten into our house. He's been sniffing everything, snapping, and even bit Blinkin a few times. I've assured him multiple times that I'm not replacing him and he's still my sweetpea. Afterall, Dels is mine and Blinkin is technically Brother's, who turned 19 yesterday btdubbs. I'm getting so old. XD


jamiessmiles said...

oh, beauty! Love him. I'm scared one day to be the weird old guy with all the cats:D

ima girl said...

he is so sweet ♥

give him hugs from me :)

lifeslyrics28 said...

He is beautiful! Great cuddle buddy :) We all need one!