27 June 2011

Friday Night Shitstorm Part III

Jeremiah started shit over and over again. He finally yelled he was in love. As a joke, Vic said "with a stripper" because of that song. Sam started telling stories from her stripping days and we were all getting a laugh... until Jeremiah said "No, she's a good woman." Then he brought up the old shit of how Tj supposedly walked in on Alysia in the bathroom. He almost called Tj's girlfriend at 2am to ask her if she knew. Jeremiah's like, "Get up Tj, stand up." Tj stood up and BAM! Jeremiah punched him in the face and all hell broke lose.

Vic and Melvin jumped into the fight. I'm stuck in the corner next to the door. I'm about to be thrown in and I'm debating whether or not I should jump off the porch to avoid that. Thankfully a space clears and I run off. Beer is flying and spilling everywhere. Vic jumps out and stands with some of us on the grass. The fight ends up being Jeremiah and Melvin wrestling on the ground. Jeremiah is attempting to gouge out Melvin's eyes and Melvin's biting Jeremiah's finger to try to stop him. I'm freaking out, Courtney and Alysia are still on the porch and try to break it up. Sam walks around the corner and sees what's going on. She runs to the porch, some of the guy's rip the two apart. Sam went to town on Jeremiah. She's screaming, punching him in the face. As a reminder, there's a ten year age difference between Jeremiah and Melvin and Jeremiah is a whole lot bigger.

Melvin's down on the grass with the rest of us at this point. He's covered in beer and some blood and has some cuts beneath both his eyes. I ask someone to get me the rubbing alcohol and call him over. I tell him to clean his cuts, god knows what's under Jeremiah's nails and he doesn't need an infected eye. He keeps saying no, he's fine. I eventually beg him, telling him just do it to make me feel better. He finally does but I'm still worrying over him. He must have sensed how upset I was because he finally said, "Sweetheart, I'm fine."

It's 2:30am now. People have been screaming and lights are turning on around the neighborhood. There's underage kids and drugs, so most of us decide it's time to go. I get a hug from Vic and him and Tj leave. Courtney leaves with her boyfriend. I turn to Melvin and make him promise to text me in the morning to let me know he's okay. "You know where I'll be, even if you can't be there. So just text me, okay?" He promises since he'll be watching Sam's kids anyway. I drive away after a hug and go to my nana's place to crash for the night.
I wake up the next morning a little worried that I haven't gotten a text yet. Around noon I send him one asking if he's okay but I never get an answer. I go into work that afternoon a little early and see Andy. His hand is all messed up and I asked him what happened. Apparently after we all left, Jeremiah went inside and went after Andy, causing a second fight. At some point, I guess Melvin hit Jeremiah in the head with a barstool. Sam and he hid the stool in her trunk and called the cops at 8am. They were thinking Jeremiah's a felon and he started it. But they didn't think that hitting him with a stool is a felony. Melvin ended up getting arrested with a bail at 20,000$. No wonder I never heard from him. Sam quit from the store that morning because of the fight, she couldn't see Jeremiah again and not try to kill him. She's also pissed at Andy because she thinks he told the cops Melvin hit Jeremiah with the stool. Jeremiah was, might still be, in the hospital. He had to get stitches and staples. After telling me this and me reminding him his landlord wanted to talk to him, Andy left.

Alysia came into work covered in bruises. I guess she got thrown into the fight as well. She sat down with me and asked if I talked to her husband and if not if I knew who did. Andy mentioned Sam did, but I kept my mouth shut, not wanted to get further involved. I guess Sam told him that Jeremiah and Alysia are never apart and are most likely involved. Alysia's husband called her and demanded to know what was going on. He's now filing for divorce and told her not to touch any of his money or property, like her car. Someone eventually told her it was Sam, so now Alysia is on a rampage about that.

That night never seems to end. It's constantly being talked about at work. It's the general consensus that Jeremiah deserved it, Alysia being the only against it for the most part. It's also in the paper. At least now I know Melvin's charge. Hopefully it gets lessened after he tells his side. He shouldn't have to go down for Jeremiah. It just sucks ass and I wish that night never happened. None of that should have happened. 


Psycho Babbling Basher said...

When shit hits the fan, so to speak.
I hope the outcomes will not be as bad for your friends.
Someone should just put Jeremiah in an institution or something.

angela said...

I'm assuming Jeramiah won't be invited anywhere anymore.

I was actually wondering for the past like 10 posts why he was even invited in the first place if all he does is talk shit and make people miserable.

Jess said...

He still comes because Alysia always brings him. The two are hooking up but most of us mind our own business and don't say anything.

But yeah, Andy doesn't want him around anymore.

Tabs A. Geek said...

Yikes, you weren't kidding when you said you were faced with a dramatic weekend. Holy moly woman.