19 June 2011

I Love My Cock

I went to Andy's once again yesterday. As per my usual, I showed up first. But I helped him clean the house. I feel bad crashing there all the time, trashing the place, so I did his dishes and looked after B, his son. That kid is awesome. He's going to be the most badass kid when he grows up. I was drinking Ice 101 and chocolate milk, seriously try it. Tastes like mint chocolate milk, epic. I gave B the teeniest sip of it and he loved it surprisingly. When I made him a glass of strawberry milk later and asked how it was, you know what that ba kid said? "It would be better with peppermint."

Melvin showed up a little bit later bearing bags of booze for the night. Melvin and Andy bribed me into taking a shot of Hennessey. My god, I was telling them how much I hated them for a while. Andy was making the world's greatest spaghetti and I wasn't allowed to eat that until I drank some coke and Hennessey. I swear they were just trying to get me drunk even though they knew I wasn't going to be spending the night. That spaghetti was bomb, yo. Needless to say I was pretty buzzed by the time other people showed up. We got a good crowd going, running out of room for all the cars. We rode the elephant for a while, messing me up even more. =D Now we get to the interesting part of my night...

Melvin was flirting with me hardcore all night. Now this is the boy I've previously mentioned I had a thing for but is currently sleeping with Sam so I haven't done anything. I don't need her to hate me, too. But since I was buzzed and since it was just me, him, and Andy at first, we kind of hardcore flirted like I said. We exchanged numbers, he tried putting "aka big cock" after his name, like I wouldn't catch that. He stole my phone looking for my naked pictures, I hope he enjoyed the dick pictures he found. And randomly showed me a picture of his, oh and kept referencing his dick all night. We'd be sitting there and he'd just look at it. He even sat there and had a conversation with his dick trying to be funny. And it was, believe me. When we were sitting on different couches, he'd be running his hands up and down my legs. Sam showed up for ten minutes to say hi when the party was in full swing and I think she got a little mad Melvin and I were sitting next to each other on the porch. Of course I offered her the chair multiple times. After she left, Melvin kept offering to go into the bathroom with me. Needless to say I turned that down.

I left around 11pm. I wanted to get home around midnight so Mom wouldn't freak too, too badly. Once I arrived home and got in bed, Melvin and I started texting. And again today. Apparently we've come to the agreement that we're going to bone in secret? As to not piss off Sam? They're not a couple and they're both sleeping with other people, but it's different when you know the people. The issue I guess now is where to go. My house is out because Mom is from the school of noboysallowedinyourroomandidon'tcareifyou're21. And she doesn't do many nights away from home. He lives in the barracks on base and getting a pass to go bone just sounds like a lot of effort. Maybe when I finally get things squared away and can get on by myself. I have my Nana's empty place but I can't exactly make it obvious that I'm using her place for sex, so I can't have his car there. So I'd have to pick him up on base and drop him back off afterwards. Plus I told him I'd only use her place for overnights. So we're still figuring that all out.

In unrelated news, I got a new book. I'm not sure if I've mentioned how bad of a book worm I am. I was at WalMart killing time before the party and noticed a new book by Sarah Dessen. I love that woman. I own all her books and read them all the time. I'm only part way into it, but it's awesome so far, like always.


Little Miss Me said...

Wow that's a lot of complicated effort for some penis! But I don't blame you, I've forgotten what it even looks like :(

I hate the whole friends and their exes things, I'm always getting myself into trouble and never know the rules!

Right now I'm in a confusion, I was sleeping with this guy for sport, he liked my friend so I helped him out there and everything was lovely between them for a few weeks but now she's not interested so he's back wanting to play with me...I've been told it's a bad idea and I will upset my friend...I am so confuzzled! No one cares about upsetting me...maybe because I'm considered a whore. Sluts have feelings too man! I guess I will let the alcohol decide...

Jess said...

I mean, they're not a couple. Just fucking. But I don't know how she'll react.

It's cool, I'm called a whore too. Just because I love sex doesn't mean my heart is nonexistant! XD