26 June 2011

Friday Night Shitstorm Part II

Friday started off like any other good day. Mom and I decided to go out on the town for errands. Our central air went during the last storm, so we were on the hunt for window units. We went shopping, got lost and found the Duplin Winery. We had fun taste testing different jams and made a point to plan a return trip later. We spent the rest of our outting antiquing at various shops, one of which had an old school coke machine that we bought soda from.

We got home around four and by five I had an invite from Andy for the weekly party. So a little after six I packed up clothes for the following day and drove off buying booze on the way. When I arrived, Sam and Melvin were already there. We had a pretty good time and not before long, Alysia and Jeremiah showed up. Andy and Jeremiah decided to have a shot for shot contest, so the both of them quickly became piss drunk. More and more people popped up and we were all having a relatively good time despite the slight drama Jeremiah brings with him everywhere.

I was pretty gone for a bit. I drank a bottle of rum in four drinks from about seven to eleven, with a blunt somewhere in there. After that I may have had a few sips of a drink and a beer. At one point during the night I took Alysia aside. I thought I should let her know people at work think her and Jeremiah are sleeping together, she's married so that's pretty bad. I very clearly told her that I wasn't saying she was but people are talking. I would want to know if someone was talking about me that way, so I thought it was only right to tell her. Towards the end of the conversation, Jeremiah came out and saw us. He immediately got pissed as I just walked back into the house. I was sitting down when he came in and asked if I had anything to say to him. I was like, "Just because I'm talking to her doesn't mean it's about you. My life doesn't revolve around you." He just went on and on how he loves her and he knows my "intentions". I told him I had no intentions but it's okay because I'm the most horrible person in the world, I'm such a liar. I was honestly just sick of his shit, so I went outside.

Outside I was talking with everyone and trying to salvage the night. Andy came out, drunk as poo, and half sat on my chair, throwing my drink of chocolate milk and Ice 101 on my lap. After getting my clothes from my car, I go inside to change. I joke with Alysia as I walk by with Jeremiah saying I should suck it up, like I was so upset about it. The night continues on with most people ignoring his drama and trying to enjoy themselves. At one point Andy's landlord shows up, Melvin talks to him to sort things out. The landlord doesn't call the police on us but promises to talk to Andy the following day. I probably should mention we were setting things on fire on the porch during that...

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