12 June 2011

Stood Up

Well today was a day. I hate hangovers. I hate that I'm actually starting to get hangovers.

I got off work just before 11pm last night. I run to Walmart, buy some beer, and scoot my butt over to Andy's for the party. Given the late hour, I'm greeted by drunk faces, a hug from Melvin, and a dirty look from Jeremiah. I immediately open a beer and relax with people out on the porch. My total count by the end of the night was two beers and three shots of rum. I know, I'm embarrassed of myself too. That is such a small list. I did also hit the shit out of the elephant. Yes, elephant. Someone had an elephant bowl and that was fucking awesome. You smoked out of its trunk, epic. I ended up puking my guts out, partially on myself, but Melvin was nice and held my hair back. Thankfully I had a change of pants in my car since I had a date today, so I changed in the bathroom and passed out on Andy's bed. Who came in an hour or so later, talked to me for a few minutes, then passed out himself. I'm pretty sure he tried cuddling with me, I kept feeling an arm reach out to me. In response to that, I slept on the couch.

When I woke up this morning around 10am, I realized my pants were inside out. No wonder I had so much trouble buttoning them the night before. I couldn't find my flip flops inside anywhere, so I just grabbed my purse and walked outside. I found one on the porch, the other half way across the yard. I drove off chewing gum and went to the laundromat. I needed to wash my puke covered jeans, I needed them for work. On the way I texted Michael to let him know I was wicked hungover and physical activity was going to be too much to ask of me. So I didn't exactly stand him up, only kind of. I washed a total of two outfits, I'm such a weirdo I had dirty clothes in my car. I bought myself Subway but felt nauseous after two bites. Sitting on the floor wearing sunglasses, practically falling asleep, with sketchy ghetto black guys... Yeah, that was my morning. As soon as my clothes were done, which never happened since I took them out still damp, I left and went to my nana's empty place and passed out until forever.

I walked out to my car shirtless to get my things to get ready for work. I hope the neighbor lady enjoyed my bra. I got dressed and drove to work an hour early, I was fucking stahving and the leftover sub I had was gross from sitting for hours. Ick. I got my coffee coolatta on the way and enjoyed my greasy fried food when I got there. My tire was a little low but was okay to drive on. But a few hours later, I'm told its on the rim. Lunayoufuckingpieceofshitcar.

I have a flat spare, no jack, and no one to come save me. The supervisor lets me take her car to fill up my spare, but once I do that I realize its the tire that's warped beyond belief and therefore useless. Once back at the store, someone lets me borrow their jack. Silly boy started explaining how to jack up a car, I laughed. The boys were acting all concerned, it was funny. I got my car jacked up and the tire off with a little fighting, I had to sit there and kick it off. The second I got it off, Tj came out to help me. Such timing. But he was in a good mood and drove me to the gas station to fill the tire on the chance it was just a leak and I didn't run over something destroying the tire. Thankfully that's what it seemed to be, we didn't find any holes and it stayed inflated, even after we drove back and put it back on my car. It got me home at least.

I came home to chicken nuggets and french fries. I made some awesome sweet tea and laughed at my crazy kitten who is in one of those killer cat moods. My head still hurts, my stomach still wants to die. I feel a little guilty, a little lonely. I'm still unsure about everything, but at least I got one night off from myself.

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That One Chick With The Face said...

Nice post, I can relate. I never used to get hangovers, but now that I'm in my "late" twenties it takes me at least three days to get back to normal. well, my normal.