25 May 2011

Cry Through The Vomit

So basically J is an insecure, immature, whiney little bitch.

R and A invited me over for a party Sunday and we rescheduled it to yesterday since we all had today off. Halfway through the day, I got a text from R telling me J would be there too. I didn't care either way, it's not like I had a problem with him or anything, just slightly annoyed. I was laughing about the situation more than anything.  So when I got off work at ten, I drove over to get shitted.

I arrived to the house and R began telling me things J said before I got there. How he told everyone and told his parents he remembers nothing about the other night. That I left and came back, got mosquito bites, and kissed him in public. That he didn't want a girlfriend. I laughed. I guess he said it unprovoked the second he heard I was on my way. He awkwardly said hi to me after ten minutes and acted like a douche for the rest of the night.

I preceeded to get drunk off my ass, a little high, and just overall awesome. I was having a great night. R and I were dancing in the house, at one point on the table. We had awesome conversations. One funny one in particular was discussing the type of people we date. I mentioned I generally go for broken, that I want to feel needed so I date someone I can fix. Of course J piped in that he wasn't broken. I immediately asked who said I was talking about him. His comments throughout the night got increasingly bitter so I lashed back a bit. At one point he was talking to this girl Alysia, whom I've never hung out with before, and he said something or other so I walked back and said "Oh, like how you slept with me and called me Alysia." When I split my drink on myself and asked R to help me in the bathroom, J accused me of trying to hook up with her and to "stop trying because it's not going to happen." Dude, we go into the bathroom all of the time together, I've seen her fucking pee. I'm not trying to hook up with her if I ask her to follow me.

This is when the huge blow up happened. I was half way down the hall when I heard J start talking shit. He began to blame me for ruining his night, only referring to me as "her". He was having a good night until I showed up and I was awful. I was a mistake. R and A stood up for me, saying how they invited me two days prior and he just invited himself that day. After listening to him berate me for a few minutes, I walked into the bathroom and slammed the door. I broke down crying. I was drunk and upset and the tears wouldn't stop. I stormed out of the bathroom, through the house, and out onto the porch. I searched for my keys and demanded someone let me through, I was going home. Obviously no one was going to let me drive, so I'm sitting there so drunk I can barely walk, crying hysterically, and trying to shove through a wall of people. R ended up sitting in my car with me trying to calm me down.

A and R decided it was time for a cigarette run, but I think they were mainly trying to get me away. I got into R's car and started puking out her door. I was puking for a good while and we left once I stopped. We drove away, me still crying and just trying to sleep. A and R are still trying to calm me down, saying how J was out of line and that was uncalled for. I had pretty much calmed down by the time we got back to the house. I went to the bathroom one last time and puked a few more times. I finally passed out on the recliner and woke up around 8. I heard J waking up so I got my shoes and left. I couldn't find my keys for a few minutes, I guess I had left them in R's car during our drive. I got part way down the street when I realized I didn't have my phone so I had to turn around and go back. Of course by then, Alysia and J were leaving. I blocked them in, not giving a shit at all and went back in for my phone. A was in the kitchen so I said bye and I took my time walking back to my car. Then I pealed out and went home.

I don't have cell service at A's, so when I got home I found a string of texts from Momz. Apparently she forgot I wasn't coming home and let's just say the texts aren't pretty. She played passive aggressive when I emerged from my room after my nap. She blatantly ignored me, refused to say even a word. I was talking to Brother and even he thinks she's being dramatic. It'll blow over eventually. But basically it's been shitty, thank god I have the day off. I feel like shit and just want to sleep. Ugh.

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