15 May 2011

You Broke the Skin!

So Coworker quitting didn't last long. He texted me mid day to let me know he got his job back. Pretty awkward to have to go to work and see him. He just lingered around me, it was kind of creepy. He asked me about a thousand times if I was okay, if I was tired, if I was sick, if I was mad. He kept poking me and pinching my side like we were still flirting and I didn't just reject him. I told him everytime to stop touching me. He never really listened.

J kept joking around with me and laughed everytime we made eye contact. Apparently Coworker had also shown him the scratch marks on his back. I got serenaded with Cat Scratch Fever and Crazy Bitch all night. At one point he joked that he should start acting flirty around me to piss Coworker off. So we play flirted everytime we saw Coworker come near. At one point J loudly said, "Maybe we should go on a date." I was laughing my ass off all night. Later he told me that while I was out on a delivery, Coworker was looking pretty damn depressed and wouldn't tell J why. Probably didn't help that some of the flirty was borderline inappropriate.

I told J he was going out for drinks with me since everyone else had plans. He got off before I did so he hung around, further annoying Coworker. When I finally cashed out, we went across the street to a bar. I had my two rum and pineapple while he had a seemingly endless flow of beer. We casually flirted while playing three rounds of pool and chilling outside in the drizzle. I did win the last game, but only by default. Though I did make a badass behind the back shot. By the time 1:15am rolled by, I knew it was time to head out. I do live a half hour drive from where I was. We stayed for another song and I drove him home.

Sitting outside his place, we sat for a while just talking. Our flirting was getting slightly more serious and we kept laughing about Coworker. When it got time to say good bye, he leaned in for a hug. I gave him a one armed hug, which was apparently weak so I had to wrap my other arm around him. When we pulled apart, we kind of just stayed with our faces a few inches apart. He suddenly turned away laughing saying, "Well I was having bad thoughts." I asked him what sort of bad thoughts he was having, to which he responded, "I was about to kiss you." Well with that, I put my hand on his cheek and kissed him.

We made out for a bit. He reclined my seat all the way back and had his hands in my hair. My hands were in his hair and on his neck. Lots of playful biting happened and some choking, well... I was choked. XD Every once in a while we'd pull apart and I'd laugh. I knew it was silly what we were doing, but I was having fun. He didn't want to let me go, J kept asking for five more minutes. But I told him I really needed to get home since it was basically 2am. I have work again at 1pm and I don't see myself sleeping soon.

But now I'm home and I smell of him. I'm even still texting him as we speak. Sometimes I just laugh at my crazy life. Oh, the crazy part, I left that out. J's thirty.

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