03 May 2011

Proud To Be An American?

There's been a whole lot of American pride going on lately. I can't turn on the radio, tv, or even look at a social networking site without hearing "God Bless America". There's been rallies and group pride show offs. It seems like every college campus is showing coverage of a new mess of students wearing red, white, and blue screaming some unitelligent gibberish about how great our country is. I went into town today, where a Marine base is located, half expecting to see our colors everywhere. I was more than a little shocked that the only difference was horrible traffic.

Why is everyone suddenly so gung ho about being American? I'm sure you've already heard if you live here, but if you're one of my readers from other countries, I'll share. Osama Bin Laden has been killed. A mission was carried out that actually killed him. Ten years after the attacks on this country, the ring leader of the terrorist group responsible is no more. However to me, it seems like such an empty victory. Yes, the man who organized 9/11 which killed so many of our citizens has been murdered himself. But he wasn't just one person acting against this country, he was just the leader. So what will stop the next in line from launching another attack? Most organizations don't die out if their leader is dead, they pick a new leader.

I understand that most of our country needs this right now. The South has seen so much destruction in these last weeks due to the tornados. I saw some of this damage myself today driving through some back roads. My heart sincerely goes out to those affected. So many houses were just gone. So many lives were ruined, I can't help but sympathize. With all of that in mind, I completely and totally understand why this is so important to them. It's something big and good after all the heartbreak. Patriotism is something to cling to, something to attempt to fix the damage of their psyches.

This post is making me seem like I don't like being American. Believe me, I'm proud. I know I'm lucky to be a country where I have lots of opportunities. But times like this, when people are so proud over a death, when we're still fighting a war that should have been over years ago... When the economy is in the toilet, when we have a president who isn't doing much of anything to help us... It worries me. I hate that so much of the world hates us as a country. We are so low on the education rankings that we're assumed to be a stupid people. We're arrogant, ignorant, unintelligent, angry people and most other countries will only view us that way.

All I know is if the United States continues down the path we're currently on, I'm not sure if this is where I want to spend my life and raise a family. I can see myself defecting at some point. Don't be surprised if you hear I'm suddenly changing my citizenship to Canada, England, Australia, or another English speaking country I have yet to consider.

So cheer on America, we killed a man. We hunted him for years causing the unnecessary deaths of too many people on both sides for this one man. Keep celebrating a death.


Sweet Southern Pixie ♥ said...

Wow, I do not see that as being un-american. I read that and I hear someone who is an everyday person trying to understand the feelings of people who are not like her. I do the same thing everyday. Most Americans love quick thrills. What will give them joy at the moment and never think there is more out there. Whether it is good or bad. You however see the rest of the bad (and I am sure the good as well which causes the confliction). Noone should blame anyone for wanting to relocate out of the states if it gets worse. I would not hesitate to leave if i felt that this was no longer a good place. And it may one day get there.

Justina F. Lee said...

I've been hearing how Americans should be worried. Bin Laden's followers are going to want revenge. Of course this may not happen, but if it does, canada may be dragged down as well

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Unfortunately Jess, all the countries you chose are allies. If and when America goes to war, they (their armies) will probably be fielded out first.
You might have to re-think your migration plans to countries that have remained neutral. Switzerland for instance. Scandinavian countries.