07 May 2011

Ramblings of a Stahving Driver

It's past six, and I haven't eatten today. I had half a Black&Mild and most of a bottle of soda, but other than the tiniest piece of pop corn chicken you have ever seen, no food has been digested. Reasons? Well I was called into work this morning before I had time to eat breakfast. They needed me stat, I didn't even get my shower. I got home about 45 minutes ago but my first priority was to shower. I felt gross. Today was a hot day and our uniforms are black. Leaving a hot kitchen only to be in a hot car is not the ideal. I sweated balls today, ick. Brother is making me dinner on per my order. Pasta sounds pretty nice right now, yay carbs!

But I can't complain too much, I got pretty good tippers today. I only went on three runs and made 16$ in tips plus 1$ per run. So this tired Miss Blogger is going to get out of this towel wrap, put on laundry day clothes, EAT, then run to the laundromat. *my tummy gurgled!* Man is my day exciting! XD

PS, Dels still has some sores, though the smaller ones have healed. I've been worried sick about him and been upset for days. He seems fun, but annoyed we won't let him outside and make him wear a cone. XD

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ima girl said...

i am glad Dels is getting better.