16 May 2011

Stalker & Life

I might have a stalker. Coworker comes into work on his days off when he knows I'm there. He hovers around me to the point other people notice. At work, we call him Stalker. It's seriously creepy. I'm fully regretting that date now. Which, of course, he is telling people he regrets. Because I'm the crazy one. Psh, sure I am.

In other news, Dels is almost healed. He has two teeny scabbed areas left and if he stops scratching, they should be healed soon. Poor thing has a huge bald spot but some fur is growing back. I took his cone off and let him outside for the first time since he became sick today. He honestly had no clue what to do with himself. He freaked at every sound since he hadn't heard them in so long, it was kind of cute. What wasn't cute was the bath I had to give him when he came back in. I was soaked.

I had an old skool day. I found a copy of Super Mario Bros the movie at my local WalMart, so I obviously bought it without a second thought. I spent my night reliving my wonderful childhood and as soon as it was over, I pulled out my brand new game. Momz bought an Xbox Kinect so I got Michael Jackson: The Experience. Needless to say, I've spent hours on this game. I've spent hours singing in flasetto and humping the air.



Sweet Southern Pixie ♥ said...

Awesome... !!! I am so glad he is getting better. I know you were worried..

Stephanie said...

Lols, "singing falsetto and humping the air." That got me.