10 May 2011

Drunk Conversations & Flirtations

From last night to tonight, I'm finding humor in the things we say while intoxicated. I may have wrote way too much in my post last night and may have drunkenly attempted to talk to a few people. I don't really regret any of it, but I kind of wish I wasn't so close to my computer during that. Oh well.

Tonight I'm getting drunk texts from a coworker trying to get me to cuddle. Apparently all that side pinching and teasing was flirting. Go figure. Might also explain why he poked my nose in the walk-in yesterday. Hmm... I have to admit it's pretty amusing to read "Oh god I need you I need you now" from someone who've only had passing conversations with. I personally think he's just looking for a rebound since his recent break up, even though he claims that not to be the case.

Part of me really likes the attention considering the major blow my ego took yesterday. It makes me feel attractive and wanted, even if just in the physical sense. Unfortunately for him I need longer than a 24hour grieving period to put the pieces of my heart back together. Also unfortunately for him, I'm not interested in sex. I mean, I was last night but I was upset and on a mission. But now that I'm more in a normal state, it's just not what I want. I'm not sure if anyone recalls, but I've been celibate since September. I came close to breaking it back in February, but I don't count a two second penetration. This was my way of delaying my number increasing. So far it's been a little frustrating, but that's what lesbian porn and Fernando are for.

I just wish my stomach would settle. I'm sure it's punishing me for drinking most of a bottle of wine on an empty stomach. Gosh, I always knew my life was charmed.

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